Jenny Snowdon (F)

Atlantic Attack

Name: Jenny Snowdon
Number: 17
Position: F
Shoots: R
Height: 5'4
Age: 20
Home town: Moncton, NB


1) What are the top 3 songs on your game day music playlist that get you pumped to play? Poison- Martin Garrix, Virus- Martin Garrix, Runaway (U&I)- Galantis Konstantin remix

2) If you could have any professional athlete (from any sport) watch, or try to play in, an NRL game, who would you pick and what do you think they would learn from it? Sidney Crosby so that he would learn that ringette is a fast sport and appreciate the game in order to show others to appreciate the sport.

3) What does your workout routine look like when you are not on the ice? My workout routine when I an not on the ice is to go to the gym and work on my cardio and lift weights to improve my strength.

4) The Atlantic Attack had their strongest season in the team’s history last year. How does the team build off of that type of performance? What do you think is the key to the team’s success? As long as everyone works on bettering themselves and trains hard, I personally think we will do even better than last year. Now that we know we can compete, it will push us to improve more. We have to stick together as a team in order to succeed. Our individual skills combined together is the key to success. 

5) If you could pick one of your Attack teammate’s skills to have for just one game, who would you pick and what skill of theirs would you like to have? I would pick Martine’s skill of sneaking up and back checking. She does it so naturally. 

Player Stats

Regular Season Stats
Season Team GP G A PTS PIM
2017 NRL Final Atlantic Attack 1 1 2 3 0
2016-17 Season Atlantic Attack 24 34 46 80 30
2015-2016 Season Atlantic Attack 23 25 30 55 28
2014-2015 Season Atlantic Attack 28 38 33 71 40
2013-14 Season Atlantic Attack 18 20 22 42 28
2012-13 Season Atlantic Attack 5 11 3 14 12
Playoff Stats
Season Team GP G A PTS PIM
2017 NRL Championship Atlantic Attack 7 9 11 20 14
2016 NRL Championship Atlantic Attack 7 6 8 14 8
2016 Playoffs Atlantic Attack 2 5 0 5 4
2014-15 Playoffs Atlantic Attack 2 0 3 3 2