Sabrina Cormier (F)

Atlantic Attack

Name: Sabrina Cormier
Number: 2
Position: F
Shoots: L
Height: 5'5
Age: 20
Home town: Dieppe, NB


1) Before you became a player with the Atlantic Attack, how did you learn about the team and what made you decide to try-out? I learned about the Atlantic Attack when I was playing provincial ringette. Also, from the coaches I’ve had in past years. I decided to try-out because ringette is something I am passionate about and that I love to do. I realized how much I missed playing ringette when I did not play last year.

2) What do you do when you are not playing ringette? When I’m not playing ringette, I am either at university studying in Chemistry and Biology, or at my job at Home Hardware.

3) Do you have any individual goals for this season and what do you think will be the hardest adjustment in learning to play in the NRL? One of my individual goals is to be the best at defending my team’s zone when the other team is attacking us. Another one of my goals is to qualify for the National Ringette League Championships. The hardest adjustment will be to keep up with the fast pace this level is played at, and being able to get time and space when being tracked by the opponents.

4) What is your favorite pre-game meal? I love eating pasta with a salad four hours or more before a game. Immediately before the game, it would be either a smoothie or a protein snack (ie; almonds).

5) What do you like the most about ringette? I like that it is a sport about teamwork and that it is fast-paced. I love the bond you get to share with your teammates in the shared love for the sport. 

Player Stats

Regular Season Stats
Season Team GP G A PTS PIM
2017 NRL Final Atlantic Attack 1 0 0 0 0
2016-17 Season Atlantic Attack 23 1 11 12 6
2015-2016 Season Atlantic Attack 0 0 0 0 0
2014-2015 Season Atlantic Attack 6 1 3 4 6
Playoff Stats
Season Team GP G A PTS PIM
2017 NRL Championship Atlantic Attack 7 1 0 1 2
2016 Playoffs Atlantic Attack 0 0 0 0 0
2014-15 Playoffs Atlantic Attack 2 1 0 1 0