Ashley Hollis (D)

Atlantic Attack

Name: Ashley Hollis
Number: 6
Position: D
Shoots: R
Height: 5'5
Age: 20
Home town: Stratford, PEI


1. What are the 3 top songs on your game day music playlist that get you pumped to play?The 3 songs that pump me up before a game are 300 Violin Orchestra- Jorge Quintero, Act a fool – Flosstradamus, and Thunderstruck- ACDC (Crookers remix)

2. If you could have any professional athlete (from any sport) watch, or try to play in, an NRL game, who would you pick and what do you think they would learn from it? If I could pick any professional athlete to play ringette it would be Sidney Crosby . Sidney is currently one of the best hockey players in the world. Ringette always gets the question "is it just like hockey?” I think for a professional hockey player like Sid to try it out, it would show the world all the different rules and how ringette is really different from hockey.

3. What does your workout routine look like when you are not on the ice? When I am doing off ice training, I train at Synergy Fitness where we do many different workouts that involve interval training. Interval training is when an athlete alternates between two activities that require different rates and speeds. An example of this could be 10 squats and 5 sprints, rest for 60 seconds. then repeat three times . I try to do whatever and as much training as I can to be in shape for each game.

4. The Atlantic Attack had their strongest season in the team’s history last year. How does the team build off of that type of performance? What do you think is the key to the team’s success? First off, I am extremely proud for how far the team has come since the team has been formed. I believe that every year we are building and all learning from other teams and players, and more about the game to improve our talent and ability to compete in this league. I believe the key to our team’s success is that we all want more for our team. We all want to keep growing as team. Therefore, we keep training on and off the ice to the best of our abilities to improve our team.

5. If you could pick one of your Attack teammate’s skills to have for just one game, who would you pick and what skill of theirs would you like to have? If I could have anyone skills on our team for one game it would be my defence partner, Jessica Snowdon. Anytime I am in trouble, somehow out of nowhere, she is always there. Her ability to read the play and her position is definitely where I hope to see myself someday.

Player Stats

Regular Season Stats
Season Team GP G A PTS PIM
2017 NRL Final Atlantic Attack 1 0 0 0 0
2016-17 Season Atlantic Attack 20 1 7 8 20
2015-2016 Season Atlantic Attack 28 1 5 6 28
Playoff Stats
Season Team GP G A PTS PIM
2017 NRL Championship Atlantic Attack 7 0 0 0 4
2016 NRL Championship Atlantic Attack 7 0 0 0 14
2016 Playoffs Atlantic Attack 2 0 0 0 0