2011 Tim Hortons Canadian ringette championships underway in Cambridge

Cambridge, ON – March 28, 2011 – Fans watching the action on opening day at the 2011 Tim Hortons Canadian ringette championships were treated to some exciting games and saw a few underdogs come out strong and the hometown favourites make some big wins. The host teams from Cambridge went undefeated, with the U16 Turbos downing Saskatchewan 8-1 and Alberta 6-5 and the U19 Turbos defeating Team Ontario 2-1. The New Brunswick U16 team, also considered an underdog going into the event, beat Manitoba 5-3 and Saskatchewan 12-5. Competition included round-robin play in the U16 and U19 divisions, while competition in the National Ringette League (18 and over) division begins tomorrow.

In the U16 division, in addition to the Cambridge Turbos and Team New Brunswick going undefeated, Team Ontario also pulled out two wins with a 7-4 victory over British Columbia and a 4-3 win over Quebec. Millbank’s Shaelyn Reaman and Hanover’s Olivia Eccles from the host Turbos lead the scoring in the U16 division with Reaman picking up five goals and two assists and Eccles posting four goals and three assists.

In the U19 division, Quebec and Alberta went undefeated in addition to the host Cambridge Turbos. Quebec beat Saskatchewan 5-3 and shut out New Brunswick 7-0. Alberta shut out Manitoba 4-0 and downed Ontario 5-4 in overtime.

Twenty-seven teams are participating in the event. The U16 and U19 divisions will see competition among provincial champions, while the NRL division represents the NRL championship tournament and will see the top three Western Conference teams compete against the top six Eastern Conference teams, along with the Atlantic Attack (from New Brunswick) as the Atlantic entry. Bronze medal games are Friday night (April 1st) and finals in all three divisions take place on Saturday, April 2nd (10 am U16, 12:30 pm NRL and 3 pm U19). All-stars and the NRL Annual Awards will be announced at the closing award ceremony on Saturday night.

Rosters, schedules, standings and stats can be found at the following links:
U16: http://www.leaguestat.com/ringettecanada/crc_u16/en/stats/schedule.php
U19: http://www.leaguestat.com/ringettecanada/crc_u19/en/stats/schedule.php
NRL: http://www.nationalringetteleague.ca/stats/schedule.php?view=day&language=en

More information on the event can be found on the Ringette Canada website at: http://www.ringette.ca/content/Major%20Events/CRC/2011/Main.asp?langid=1
and the Host website here: www.crc2011.ca.

Competition continues Tuesday, March 29th at 8:00 a.m. (EDT).

Results for Monday, March 28, 2011 at the 2011 Tim Hortons Canadian ringette championships in Cambridge, ON:

Host 8 Saskatchewan 1
New Brunswick 5 Manitoba 3
British Columbia 6 Nova Scotia 5
Ontario 4 Quebec 3
Host 6 Alberta 5
New Brunswick 12 Saskatchewan 5
Manitoba 6 Nova Scotia 5 (OT)
Ontario 7 British Columbia 4
Quebec 4 Alberta 2

British Columbia 7 New Brunswick 0
Quebec 5 Saskatchewan 3
Alberta 4 Manitoba 0
Host 2 Ontario 1
Quebec 7 New Brunswick 0
Manitoba 5 Saskatchewan 4
Alberta 5 Ontario 4 (OT)