Cambridge Turbos are Eastern Conference champions

The powerhouse Turbos from Cambridge claimed the top spot in the East after winning the Eastern Conference championship series this past weekend in Montreal. The Turbos, who topped the NRL’s Southern Ontario Division in regular season play, faced Montreal Mission who were tops in the Montreal Division; and Ottawa Ice, who claimed the top spot in the Capital Division.

In the first game of the series, Montreal’s Stephanie Seguin dumped in the overtime goal to give Montreal a 3-2 win over Ottawa. Ottawa was later downed 8-4 by Cambridge, putting Ottawa in third spot for the series. Cambridge and Montreal played on Sunday morning, with Montreal picking up a 5-4 win. Montreal was not able to claim a second win when the two teams met in the final game and Cambridge won the series 4-3 in overtime. Cambridge’s Nicki Madsen popped in the winner, assisted by Vanessa Cowlen.
Cambridge, Montreal and Ottawa will now travel to Charlottetown, PEI to compete in the NRL Championship, which is taking place from April 7-11 as part of the 2009 Canadian Ringette Championships. There they will face the top three teams from the Western Conference – Edmonton WAM!, Calgary RATH and Prairie Fire; Atlantic Attack, an Eastern entry in the competition; and the winners of the three qualification series that also took place this past weekend – Rive-Sud Revolution, Waterloo Wildfire and Quebec City Cyclones.
The three qualification series all showcased spectacular ringette. In the series between Rive-Sud Revolution and BLL, Rive-Sud took the series in two games after posting 10-5 and 3-1 wins over BLL. Waterloo Wildfire met up with the Gloucester Devils, with Gloucester winning the first game 4-3 and Waterloo winning the second 6-5. In the deciding match, Waterloo won 9-3. The games in the series between Quebec City Cyclones and Richmond Hill Lightning were tight, but Quebec City managed to win the series in two games, posting a 4-3 win on Saturday and a 6-5 overtime win on Sunday.
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