Cambridge Turbos move into semi-finals at world club championship

Turku, Finland – Friday, December 30, 2011 – After beating Richmond Hill Lightning on the last day of round-robin play, Cambridge Turbos have finished in fourth place and will meet the top team, Lapinlahden Luistin -89 (LL-89) in semi-final play tomorrow. Second place Luvian Kiekko -82 (LuKi-82) will meet third place Raision Nuorisokiekko ry (RNK) in the other semi-final game. Richmond Hill Lightning finished in fifth and will play sixth place Sweden.

To recap the last day of round-robin play, LuKi-82 opened the day with a 7-4 win over RNK and they also beat Sweden 11-1. Jenni Viinamaki posted a pair of goals and an assist in the game over RNK, while Riikka Hayrinen picked up a hat trick and a pair of assists in the win over Sweden.

In the all Canadian match-up, Cambridge pulled a 6-2 win over Richmond Hill Lightning. Brittany Walden (Kitchener) scored a goal and two assists for Cambridge while Karen McWilliams (Whitby) and Erika Kiviaho (Sudbury) posted singles for Richmond Hill. The Lightning also suffered a 9-5 loss to RNK. Siiri Kallionpaa scored a hat trick for RNK, while Beth Hurren (Bowmanville) scored a pair for Richmond Hill.

LL-89 delivered a merciless 28-0 loss to Sweden and then went on to post a 10-4 win over Cambridge. Anne Pohjola scored eight goals and eight assists in the game over Sweden and six goals and two assists in the game over Cambridge. Pohjola finished round-robin play as the leading scorer with an impressive 23 goals and 17 assists. Jacqueline Gaudet (Cambridge) picked up a hat trick for the Turbos in the loss to LL-89.

All games are being held at Kupittaa Ice Rink in Turku, Finland and semi-final games will be held on December 31 and finals take place on January 1. The bronze medal game will take place at 1:00pm EET and the gold medal game will take place at 4:00pm EET. A full schedule, stats and a link to the live webcasts for all games can be found by clicking on the WCC 2011 links on the main page of the Ringette Canada site at Messages to the Canadian teams can be sent to and You can also follow along on Twitter (@NRLLNR).

Results for Friday, December 30, 2011 at the 2011 world club championship in Turku, Finland:
Luvian Kiekko -82 (LuKi-82) 7 Raision Nuorisokiekko ry (RNK) 4
Lapinlahden Luistin -89 (LL-89) 28 Ulriksdals SK (USK) 0
Cambridge Turbos 6 Richmond Hill Lightning 2
Luvian Kiekko -82 (LuKi-82) 11 Ulriksdals SK (USK) 1
Raision Nuorisokiekko ry (RNK) 9 Richmond Hill Lightning 5
Lapinlahden Luistin -89 (LL-89) 10 Cambridge Turbos 4

Round-robin standings
Lapinlahden Luistin -89 (LL-89): 5-0, 10 points
Luvian Kiekko -82 (LuKi-82): 4-1, 8 points
Raision Nuorisokiekko ry (RNK): 3-2, 6 points
Cambridge Turbos: 2-3, 4 points
Richmond Hill Lightning: 1-4, 2 points
Ulriksdals SK (USK): 0-5, 0 points

The following is the schedule of games for tomorrow, Saturday December 31, 2011 (all times EET):
11:45 am Ulriksdals SK (USK) vs. Richmond Hill Lightning
2:30 pm Cambridge Turbos vs. Lapinlahden Luistin -89 (LL-89)
5:15 pm Raision Nuorisokiekko ry (RNK) vs. Luvian Kiekko -82 (LuKi-82)