Eastern Conference playoffs set for March 5-6

Regular season play has finished up in the Eastern Conference of the National Ringette League (NRL) and teams will now move into playoffs to determine who will compete at the NRL Championship tournament, which will take place in Cambridge from March 29 to April 2. The Cambridge Turbos and Montreal Mission will go directly to the championship and the next eight teams will play a best of three playoff series on March 5-6 with the winners moving on to the championship.

Ottawa Ice will play Gatineau Fusion, Richmond Hill Lightning will play Whitby Wild, Gloucester Devils will play Rive Sud Revolution and Waterloo Wildfire will play the Quebec City Cyclones.

Three teams from the Western Conference – Prairie Fire, Edmonton WAM! and Calgary RATH, will join the six Eastern Conference teams, as well as a team from the Atlantic provinces to complete in the ten-team championship tournament.

The following is the schedule for the Eastern Conference playoff games:

Ottawa Ice vs. Gatineau Fusion
March 5
15:30 at Walter Baker Arena (B)
March 6
11:00 at Jim Durrell Recreation Complex, Peplinksi Arena
(if necessary) 16:00 at Tom Brown Arena

Richmond Hill Lightning vs. Whitby Wild
March 5
15:00 at Ed Sackfield
20:15 at Ed Sackfield
March 6
(if necessary) 13:45 Tom Graham Arena

Gloucester Devils vs. Rive Sud Revolution
March 5
19:00 at Sportium Ste-Catherine
March 6
11:00 at Beloeil
(if necessary) 15:00 at Longueuil

Quebec City Cyclones vs. Waterloo Wildfire
March 5
13:30 at St-Anselme
18:30 at St-Henri
March 6 (if necessary) 8:00 at St-Anselme