National Ringette League announces Elite Eight rankings

Ottawa, Ontario – February 6, 2013 – With only three weekends left of regular season play in the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference finishing up two weeks later, teams in the National Ringette League (NRL) are on the homestretch to the NRL Championship tournament in Fredericton, New Brunswick from March 31 to April 6.

In the West, Prairie Fire and BC Thunder have secured a spot at the Championship and they will be joined by either Calgary RATH or Edmonton WAM!, depending on the final Western Conference standings. In the East, Atlantic Attack will host four of their conference rivals who will be determined at the Eastern Conference playoffs being held in early March. Montreal Mission, Cambridge Turbos, Gloucester Devils, Ottawa Ice, Richmond Hill Lightning and Quebec City Cyclones have all secured a spot in the playoffs with two spots left up for grabs.

Today the league announces its monthly Elite Eight rankings, which sees the same eight teams as last month but in a different order. Cambridge Turbos (1) climb up to first place from second last month after winning eight of their last nine games. Prairie Fire (2) move up two spots to second after winning eight games and dropping two. Montreal Mission (3) fall from the top spot last month and land in third after picking up five wins and suffering some tough losses to Cambridge, Quebec City Cyclones and Ottawa Ice. BC Thunder (4) drop one spot to fourth after losing four of their last six games.

Ottawa Ice (5) rise to fifth from seventh last month after winning five of their last six games, including a big win over Montreal. Gloucester Devils (6) drop one spot to sixth after picking up five wins, including a noteworthy win over Cambridge, and posting two losses. Calgary RATH (7) split their last six games and move up one spot to seventh. Despite winning five of their six games this past month, Richmond Hill Lightning (8) drop two spots to the eighth and final spot in the rankings.

National Ringette League Elite Eight as of February 6, 2013:
Rank – (Ranking last month) – Team name – Conference
1 – (2) – Cambridge Turbos – Eastern
2 – (4) – Prairie Fire – Western
3 – (1) – Montreal Mission – Eastern
4 – (3) – BC Thunder – Western
5 – (7) – Ottawa Ice – Eastern
6 – (5) – Gloucester Devils – Eastern
7 – (8) – Calgary RATH – Western
8 – (6) – Richmond Hill Lighting – Eastern