National Ringette League announces Elite Eight rankings, November’s Three Stars

December 4, 2008 – With competition in the National Ringette League in full swing, the Elite Eight rankings, released today, show the preseason favorites remaining strong along with some new contenders in the mix.

The league has also announced the Three Stars for November, which show the top two stars coming from second place Montreal Mission and the third star hailing from fifth place Rive-Sud Revolution. Montreal’s Julie Blanchette gets the first star nod after posting 15 goals and 35 assists. Blanchette was named a game star in eight of her 12 games played. Her teammate, Catherine Cartier, is the second star. Cartier posted 30 goals and 14 assists and was named a game star in four of her 12 games played. St. Bruno’s Caroline Ross of Rive-Sud Revolution picks up the final star nod after dumping 11 goals and 20 assists in during her 14 games played.
This month’s Elite Eight is evenly split between the East and the West. Cambridge Turbos (1) who are 7-0, Montreal Mission (2) who are 12-0, Calgary RATH (3) who are 3-1 and Edmonton WAM! (4) who are 4-1 all hold their pre-season rankings, while the Manitoba Jets (7) who are 2-1, fall from last month’s fifth place ranking. Rive-Sud Revolution has started the season strong with ten wins out of 14, which earns them the fifth place spot this month. Cyclones de Quebec (7) and Prairie Fire (8) make their way into the rankings, with Quebec winning seven of their ten games played and the Fire winning four of their seven games played (one of which was a four-point game against BC). Richmond Hill Lightning, Gloucester Devils and BC Reign, who were all in the preseason rankings, have not made this month’s ranking cut.
National Ringette League Elite Eight as of December 4, 2008:
Rank – (Ranking last month) – Team name – Conference
1 – (1) – Cambridge Turbos – Eastern
2 – (2) – Montréal Mission – Eastern
3 – (3) – Calgary RATH – Western
4 – (4) – Edmonton WAM! – Western
5 – (-) – Rive-Sud Révolution – Eastern
6 – (-) – Cyclones de Quebec – Eastern
7 – (5) – Manitoba Jets – Western
8 – (-) – Prairie Fire – Western