National Ringette League announces Jean-François Ethier as Director of Officials

Ottawa, Ontario – September 3, 2009 – The National Ringette League (NRL) today announced the appointment of Jean-François Ethier as the league’s Director of Officials. This newly created position will begin immediately and Ethier will be responsible for assisting with the development of schedules for officials, conducting evaluations of NRL officials, working with the Ringette Canada Officials Committee to develop and expand the number of ringette officials in Canada, overseeing disciplinary action for on-ice infractions, and providing input on rule changes and how rules are being administered within the league.

“I’m very pleased that Jean-François has agreed to fill the position of Director of Officials for the National Ringette League,” said George McKenzie, chairman of the NRL. “In my discussions with Jean-François, I have been extremely impressed by his passion for officiating and his understanding of the need for further development in the area of ringette officials. I believe the establishment of an officials committee will assist with the smooth and proficient operation of the league.”
Jean-François Ethier, who was born in Montreal and now lives in Blainville, QC, has over 15 years of officiating experience and has officiated at number of Canadian Ringette Championships. He also serves as the chairman of Ringette Canada’s Long Term Officiating Committee and is on Ringette Canada’s Officiating Committee.
“I believe the development of officials is very important and I am very happy to be able to fill the role of Director of Officials for the National Ringette League,” said Jean-François Ethier. “Within this role, I hope to develop consistency for the league’s rules and level of officiating, which will provide new and existing officials with something to strive towards.”