Meet the newcomers to Waterloo Wildfire
  Here are the newcomers to Waterloo Wildfire this season. #1 McKayla Jarvie I started playing ringette in Paris before [...]
Some insight into Edmonton WAM!
From former WAMbits to NRL players across the league, people answer the most pressing questions about the current Edmonton WAM!. [...]
Rush gets cooking lessons from Chopped Canada Junior Winner, Jonathan Giovannoni
On Sunday, February 9, 2017, the Rushies had the honour of meeting and receiving cooking lessons from Chopped Canada Junior Winner, Jona [...]
An away weekend with the National Ringette League’s Atlantic Attack [...]
A poem about the relationship between RATH and WAM!
People often wonder what NRL athletes do outside the rink; after you read our poem, I think it's safe to assume the folks on Edmonton WA [...]
An update from the Gloucester Devils
Since our last update, we have played 5 games, winning all 5. In our last 10 games, we have a record of 7 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie. [...]
Spotlight on Shelagh Rouse
Shelagh Rouse is well known name in the ringette community! She has been playing for 19 years, 9 of those in the NRL, gone to Nationals [...]
Lac St-Louis Adrenaline in the Community
Being an active player in the National Ringette League is more than a privilege. As part of the top players in the country, you are a ro [...]
Getting to Know the 2016/2017 Bolts!
Lindsea Barbosa #33   Fun Facts: - Lindsea began playing ringette at the age of 3, for Oshawa. She was inspired to play [...]
Current name for ringette player.
I was sitting with the fans watching the RiveSud Revolution game against Montreal Mission, when they announce : "the goal of the Revolut [...]