10 Things I Think Edmonton WAM! style…

Due to the fact that we constantly give the author of the NRL’s “10 things I think…” a tough time, we thought that we would try and come up with our own pre-season WAM! 10 things I think. Here they are:

1. I think that everyone around the NRL wonders where WAM! got its name. Its ok, the current members of WAM! do too. There have been many different accounts of the origin, however I think the best explanation comes from the old Batman TV show where whenever Batman or a villain threw a punch a cloud with a word (POW! or BAM!) appeared. WAM!

2. I think the Edmonton Oilers aren’t the only team working on their rebuild. Although the WAM! won the Gold in 2011, they had 10 experienced, veteran players retire and hang up their skates prior to the beginning of last season. It just shows underdogs can prevail if all the right ingredients come together at the right time with a little bit of luck to get those bounces. It’s exciting to see that 13 players will return and suit up for this upcoming season continuing their rebuilding process.

3. I think the Edmonton WAM! has a lot of young exciting talent that will continue to grow each year in the league. The majority of them will be around for many years to come and you will know about them sooner than later. Their average age is 22.53 years of age. This is challenging for road trips as only 4 members are over the age of 25 and eligible to rent a car.

4. I think that the loss of Jennifer Hartley, Krista Reich, and Ashley Harrison will be felt by the Edmonton WAM! this year. After all who will sew costumes, entertain us with their pregame antics, and ensure that our budget is balanced.

5. I think that the additions of our rookies bring some size and strength to our defensive corps and some depth to our offense. They are welcome additions and the WAM! is very excited for them to be part of the team.

6. I think that the Edmonton WAM! is a proud organization. Since the inception of the NRL they have won 5 Gold medals in 8 years. By any standards in sports that it is an impressive feat. Like every team in the NRL their goal is to be in Burnaby in the Spring of 2012.

7. I think its impressive how the Edmonton WAM! is giving back to their local associations. Seven of their players are a part of coaching staffs inspiring and motivating the future players for the NRL.

8. I also think its neat how WAM! goalies Heather Konkin and Keely Brown have founded “5-Count Ringette Goalie Instruction”. Combining their 44 years of playing experience they are working with the great young talent in all of the local associations in Edmonton and surrounding areas. They are also making trips to Saskatoon and PEI! Check out www.ringettegoalies.com if you’d like them to come and run a clinic for your goalies!!

9. I think that the Edmonton WAM! is the first NRL team on twitter. Follow them @EdmWAMRingette to keep updated on their season.

10. I think these are my non-WAM!/ringette thoughts:
a. On a recent trip to the states I discovered vanilla cup cake flavoured gold fish. Canada needs to get on this and have them stock the shelves of our grocery stores. They are delicious!! Hurry up!
b. September is a good month. Make sure you set your PVR’s. All new tv!