A closer look at Gloucester Devil’s three draft choices for 2014-15

The Gloucester Devils are lucky to welcome three new additions to the team this year, and have been getting to know them since the beginning of the season. We are taking this opportunity to introduce the girls, where they come from and what they are looking forward to for this season with the Devils, after a brief interview with each of them.

Brianna Thompson comes from the region, having played on Upper Ottawa Valley, Ottawa Ice as well as the Eastern AAA team. She is a new addition to the offensive side of the bench for Gloucester NRL but isn’t new to the league. Studies gave her a chance to play on a couple of the Toronto region teams (Waterloo and Richmond Hill) but life has taken her back home, and the Gloucester Devils are happy to have her and make the most of the experience she brings to the bench. While joining the devils lineup Brianna admits to being worried about creating chemistry on the ice but has been adjusting quite well. She adds that she is quite excited about playing for the green and yellow army, since they are in fact her favorite colors. Brianna is most looking forward to having a chance to earn a spot at Nationals this season with the Devils. When Brianna isn’t in the rinks she is often busy catching babies, and making a living as a midwife. When she has time to herself she dedicates time to fitness and enjoys knitting and crocheting.

Jenna van Koppen is joining the Gloucester Devils this season after starting off playing for Metcalfe and Nepean. She has also had the opportunity to play for Eastern AAA as well as team Ontario. Jenna explains that she has found the transition into the National Ringette League to be somewhat smooth, she enjoys being part of a team with many mature players who are very welcoming. So far, Jenna has noticed that the game is played differently in this league. She thinks its a much more strategic game that forces the athletes to play smart. She is most looking forward to having success with the Devils this season. When Jenna isn’t at ringette she spends most of her days on a farm. She works on a farm where her daily chores include milking cows, taking care of the calves and driving tractors. Even if she works long, hard days, Jenna makes time to go to the gym and stay fit.

Alison O’Brien is another addition to the defensive side of the bench, although only playing this position for the past three years. She’s a very strong and composed player that comes to us from Nepean. She’s had the opportunity to play on Eastern AAA as well as U19 team Canada in 2013. Alison is adjusting to the NRL, and has found that getting to know her new teammates playing style has been her biggest challenge thus far. That being said, her favorite part of the National Ringette League has been having longer games and making the most of the halftime snacks. Alison is most looking forward to learning new techniques from the more experienced Devils throughout the season. In daily life outside ringette, Alison is a Carleton Raven studying geography as well as a part-time worker in produce at Food Basics. Alison always makes time to enjoy a good meal, especially when it comes to indulging in sushi. The Gloucester Devils are more than pleased to welcome these three very talented players to their roster. Although they all have interesting and colorful backgrounds individually, the Devils as a unit are planning to make the most of everyone’s strengths and experiences to have a successful season.