A closer look at WAM! rookie Anj Grewal

I have been playing ringette since the age of five and am enormously privileged to still be playing the game I love fourteen years later. I began playing in my hometown of Delta, B.C. and played bunny through junior as part of the Delta Ringette Association. My enjoyment for the game grew when I discovered my passion for playing the position that I now play and love: a goaltender. The excitement and pressure which comes with being a goalie is something which I relish and I found an appreciation for this early on. As I grew up, the exposure which I had to the competitive side of the sport had a very positive effect on me. Competing at the AA level against teams all across the country and at events such as The BC Winter Games allowed me to see the options that I had in the sport as I grew older. I distinctively remember watching the BC Reign play an NRL game when I was younger and hoping that one day I too would be able to play with and against girls with that much skill. As my family made the move to Alberta, I had the incredible opportunity to develop within the very strong Zone 5 AA Club. Competing at the top levels of U19 ringette allowed me to realize my goal of both winning a medal at Nationals as well as becoming a member of U19 Team Canada West.

As I mentioned above, with my first exposure to NRL play, I aspired to become as NRL athlete when I grew older. Players such as Kim Beach who grew up in my home town and played on the BC Reign and Team Canada were role models who could be looked up to and who gave exposure to the competitive side of the sport. In more recent years, the competitiveness and passion which I experienced playing against teams at the U19 level drove me to pursue the same competitive levels as I graduated from club play. Now, I am as excited as ever to start my first year in the NRL and compete against the top athletes in the country. Being a member of the Edmonton WAM! and an NRL athlete is a privilege and an experience on its own. Organizing camps and coaching young ringette players allows myself and my teammates to connect with young athletes who also one day aspire to be in the position which we are fortunate to be in. Being NRL athletes allows us to be a part of fundraisers and clinics which help to grow the sport that we love while pursuing the competitiveness which we all grew up loving. I hope to continue to play the game that I love for many years to come and wish good luck to all the other NRL teams and athletes this year!