A new little mascot for the Ottawa Ice

The Ottawa Ice has a new, fresh & wildly adorable little mascot to show off. His name is Jacob, and while being cute is his main priority, his second biggest role is to be the Feral’s #1 fan. Indeed, less than 48 hours after coming into the world, he was already cheering on the Ice in the stands and rocking the polar bear better than anyone ever has before. He’s kind of a big deal – as he should be – and proud parents Jenna & Nathan are kind enough to share him with all of us. He has a record-breaking amount of “aunties” doting over him and cooing at his every move, and quite frankly, he’s a champ about receiving all of this attention. To quote auntie Elsa, “he looks like he just came back from a sunny vacation in Bora Bora”. Seriously, between Fridays working from home with auntie Katie, photoshoots with auntie Ollie, and making his rounds receiving love from everyone else, he’s certainly quite the relaxed little social bird. We are overjoyed to welcome him to the family!

The Ferals have a busy schedule in January & February. With 11 games in the upcoming 7 weeks, they will need to gain some momentum early on and maintain it until the last game of the regular season on Sunday, February 28th against the city rivals Gloucester Devils. It’s going to be a demanding stretch, but it can certainly be done! One practice at a time, one shift at a time, one game at a time – together united in purple & teal… With a new mascot & baby giggles along the way no doubt.