A poem about the relationship between RATH and WAM!

People often wonder what NRL athletes do outside the rink; after you read our poem, I think it’s safe to assume the folks on Edmonton WAM do not write for Hallmark. We may not be poets but that doesn’t stop us from writing a poem about the relationship between WAM and RATH. After all, it is February and your social media probably doesn’t have enough posts about relationships on it.

RATH is red
WAM is blue
How do you explain
The relationship between these 2?

They were destined from the start
To fight tooth and nail,
To put pride on the line;
another ‘battle of Alberta’ tale

The rivalry was intense
Just ask anyone there
The penalties were plenty
Trying to keep the game fair

As the years go by
Some players retire,
new faces have appeared
But the rivalry didn’t expire

But like anything else
This rivalry has changed
From a straight blood bath
To something far less estranged

We still battle and compete
With a little extra fire
But when the buzzer goes
Friendships respire

So if you’ve made it through
This rather corny story
I encourage you to come see
WAM and RATH in all their glory.