A season for celebration, commitment & a whole lot of ringette passion – Ottawa Ice

The upcoming ringette season will be particularly special for many reasons – on top of the 50th anniversary celebrations going on across Canada; it is also the National Ringette League’s 10th year of existence! The Ottawa Ice squad is very excited to be back on the ice and is ready to face some amazing competition over the next 5 months – with the ultimate goal of having the right to play in Regina next April.

One of the first anniversary celebration events the team will take part in is the Roadshow, which will stop in the Ottawa area late October. Come check out some great National Ringette League action on Tuesday, October 22nd at Larry Robinson Arena, when the Ottawa Ice take on the Gloucester Devils at 8pm. Beforehand, there will be various events including a free skate with the Ringette Canada 50th Anniversary Mascots, a skills event with the NRL players as well as a number of interactive games and activities – invite your family & friends and join us in celebrating the fastest game on ice!

In the meantime, we asked our players to tell us what ringette means to them and why they play in the National Ringette League. Read on for their answers, and be inspired by their passion for our amazing sport.

Gillian Holder – Ringette has always been a big part of my life and when I wasn’t at ringette, I was thinking about ringette. It was and still is an escape from everything going on around me. When I strap on my goalie pads or when I put my skates on to coach, I feel at home when my feet touch the ice. It’s where I was born to be and without ringette in my life I wouldn’t be who I am today. I play in the NRL for the experience and competition that we face with each team. I like having teams from all over the nation that we play and compete against. I also like the aspect of how teams can change from year to year with the draft and new players coming into the league.

Jayme Simzer – Ringette is a big part of my life. It has me involved in coaching and playing with amazing athletes and I have developed so many great friendships because of this sport. I play in the NRL because, as a competitive athlete, I want to play at the best level of ringette Canada has to offer.

Jenna McBride – Ringette has provided me with opportunities to grow as an athlete and build strength of character while being part of a team. I am so grateful for the lifelong friends that I’ve made playing this amazing sport. I play in the NRL because I want to be a part of showcasing ringette, and I always want to play at the highest level possible against the best competition.

Kyrie Love – Ringette to me is a fun, active way to hang out with some of my best friends and exercise while playing the sport I love! I play in the NRL because I enjoy the competition and the challenge to compete with teams from across Canada.

Elsa Fougere – For me, ringette has many meanings. Ringette means hard work, teamwork, friendship, health, competition and fun. It is a means for me to socialize, create great friendships, be competitive, work in a team, and be fit and active. I play in the NRL for the speed and competition and the chance to play with and against a group of highly skilled and talented athletes. Playing in the NRL pushes me to improve my skills and challenges me to become the best ringette player I can.

Natasha Côté – Ringette is fast, fun, and it keeps me in shape! I really enjoy playing this sport, certainly at the NRL level.

Émilie Laviolette – Ringette is one of my passions in life, it has shaped me into the person I am today. It has truly turned into a lifestyle; it always has & keeps on bringing me a lot of happiness. I absolutely cannot ever imagine my life without this sport, the incredible experiences I’ve had & the lifelong friends I’ve made playing it. I play in the NRL because I enjoy the competitiveness, the amount of skill required, the speed of the game, the atmosphere of family within our team, travelling & staying fit. I am humbled to be able to play at the highest level in Canada and to help contribute in showcasing the sport and developing it further.

Alex Bateman – Ringette is more than just a sport at this point, kind of like a way of life. I play in the NRL because it’s the most competitive but also social. There’s nothing better than competing at your best on the ice against other teams and still being friends & having that friendly feeling after the gam regardless of the outcome. It’s a huge respect thing and I really enjoy that.

Sarah Gross – To me, ringette means a lot because I love playing with all of the girls and I love being part of a team. It’s a great way to stay healthy and be with friends at the same time. I play in the NRL to challenge myself. I love staying active and we have an amazing team.

Brittany MacDonald – Ringette means the world to me, it has always been a big part of my life. It is more than just a sport, it is like a family. I play in the NRL because of the high calibre.

Katie Lugg – Ringette is a huge part of my life. I absolutely love the game and truly believe it is the fastest game on ice. I have been playing with many of my teammates since I can remember and they are like family to me. These are the main reasons I continue to play in the NRL.

Chloé Laframboise – Ringette to me means a variety of things: competition, friends and fun. This year will be the 14th year that I play ringette and I can never get enough of the competition and working towards a goal. Aside from the competition, ringette has allowed me to meet some of my closest friends and some of the most awesome people I know to date. These girls are not your just teammates; they become some of your closest friends. Most importantly, ringette is fun on and off the ice with social events and weekly practices and especially when we win! I decided to enter the NRL because I wanted to keep playing high caliber ringette, get the chance to play with and against amazing ringette players (a few ringette legends) and to improve myself continuously.

Jenna Love – Ringette, in general, is one of the several amazing team oriented sports out there that I have played. Growing up on several different teams, in various sports, you quickly realize that no two teams are alike. The reason I am in the NRL today is because of the core group of teammates I have now and look forward to playing with every week. We are teammates on the ice but friends and even family off the ice. Ringette, for me, wouldn’t be the same without these girls. The competition and speed of the game, combined with the lifelong friendships developed on and off the ice is the reason I still play, 20 years later.

Sophie Goguen – Ringette has been a part of my life for 15 years and for me it means not only playing a sport and keeping active, but it’s a place where I can see friends that have become like family. I play in the NRL because for me, being from New-Brunswick, it is a big accomplishment and has elevated my game to the next level.

Carrie Lugg – Ringette has always been an extremely important part of my life. In a lot of ways it is a place where I can go and be surrounded by the people I love, doing what we love together. There are girls on this team I have been playing ringette with for 20 years and the memories and experiences we have had together are second to none. I play in the NRL because I love competing at the highest level and watching the sport grow to reach its full potential.

Sarah Brown – Ringette is very important to me because I know that the friendships I have made will last a lifetime. I have also learnt so much from my different teammates and coaches over the years. I play in the NRL because I love having a chance to play ringette at the highest level possible with other athletes who love the game just as much as I do.

Tori Goble – I grew up playing hockey, and made the switch over to ringette almost 7 years ago. I loved ringette from the first practice. The team welcomed me even though I joined hallway through the season. The combination of the people involved along with the skill and ability needed to play had me hooked, and have been a major reason why I continue to play. I’m a very competitive person, and I love the challenge that comes with playing in the NRL. The speed and skill level needed to be successful in the NRL improves every year, which in turn requires me to become faster and more skilled to give my team the best chance of winning every game. I strive to the best I can be, not only for myself but for my teammates as well. I love being the person they rely on.

Written by Émilie Laviolette.