According to Stephanie Seguin,

As a full time employee of Ringette Quebec, Stephanie Seguin travels around the province developing the fastest sport on ice. A job that is very easy for someone who couldn¡¯t imagine not being involved with the sport she loves. After work Steph can be found at the University of Montreal studying quite hard to achieve a degree in Kino (exercise science). She is also training in track for speed and power with teammate Julie Blanchette and coaching in the Junior AA division.

Planning out her days so that she can do everything is quite a challenge. With little time to relax, Steph goes about her days with a smile on her face knowing that one day it will all be worth it. Stephanie is loyal to her work, studies, training, family and friends.

On the ice, Stephanie is a speedy forward who owns the best triple-decker ever seen. Her second efforts on the ice are¡­effortless and natural.? Playing in the Finnish National league in 2005 helped her develop into a versatile player, playing the defence position with success. Her teammates can always count on her to back them up. The 2004 Team Canada member is currently working overtime in the gym and on the ice to realize the dream again¡­wearing the maple leaf!!

As a Team Quebec assistant coach at the 2005 Nationals in Winnipeg in the Junior division, Steph helped guide her team to their first gold medal in ten years. Steph believes that you must have all the tools necessary to be successful; with her level three almost completed she is anxious move on to more courses and learn everything there is to know. This year she has taken on the challenge of coaching the Junior AA team in Montreal along with teammates Kassy and Lynn. Together they will be working in the same direction: teaching them how to play, how to believe in themselves and how to achieve great things.

For Steph, ringette is a family reunion. Steph¡¯s mom is the manager of the Mission team, her older sister plays defence on the team, her dad is the team¡¯s biggest fan, and her younger sister was the mascot for the longest time and now at 17 she is a huge fan.

Steph is a valued member of the Mission. True to herself, she shows up at every practice and game with all that she¡¯s got¡­bring it on!! As an athlete, Steph knows she has to be at her best to help the team. Like Steph and teammate Julie always say: ¡°Your body should to be sharper than your skats.¡±