Adrenaline hits the ice

With two expansion teams (Atlantic Attack and LMRL Thunder) and BLL Nordiques changing their name to Le Royal de Bourassa, there have been quite a few new team names around the rinks this season. Well add one more to the mix – Lac St. Louis is now known as Lac St. Louis Adrenaline.

Initiated by the fact that they were the only team in the National Ringette League (NRL) without a nickname, the team set out to come up with a new name. The team wanted something that would work naturally in both official languages and began throwing names around.

“For a long time the suggestions we were coming up with just didn’t feel right,” said Stéphane Vigeant, team director. “Most of them sounded like we came up with the name just for the sake of having a name.”

Then just recently, Mylène Cléroux, one of the team’s captains, proposed the name Adrenaline and the rest is history. The team will continue to use their current logo, which connects the team to their U16 and U19 AA teams.

“It’s original and it accurately depicts the youthful energy that characterizes our team,” added Vigeant.

Perhaps a name change has given the team a good luck boost. This season is the first time since expansion that the team has started the season on the winning track.

“We’ve been building our team slowly but surely over the last few years through the draft and trades,” added Vigeant. “With a new name and a new uniform, hopefully we’re moving up to a new and exciting level of play – a new beginning so to speak. Perhaps the combination of everything has had an impact on our team’s performance.”