Atlantic Attack season preview

The Atlantic Attack enter their 4th season in the National Ringette League with a drastically different look than previous years. The team that faced many growing pains and rebuilding issues in year three and missed the playoffs will look to right their wrongs heading into 2014-2015.

The following are a few advantageous points the Attack can look toward this season:

1. Focus. In year one, the team wanted to be able to win some games and simply prove they could compete in the NRL. They achieved more than this with a playoff berth and some upsets to veteran teams along the way. In year two, the Attack hosted the Canadian Ringette Championship and directed attention to the ultimate year end prize. Year three saw the Attack ice a mostly rookie line-up and the overall inexperience led to a disappointing finish in the standings and a playoff absence. The Attack enter this season purely with focus on performance minus the roster changes and outcome related distractions. This year’s team is will have their sights set on being able to perform well on a game by game basis.

2. Experience. Last season saw most of the team’s veteran players take a one year hiatus from the league, but a year off only made these players hungrier for the competition. Martine Caissie, former 60 point producer returns alongside Joelle Proulx who also racked up the points column in the 2012-2013 season. Jocelyn Landry also returns after increasing her goals scored plateau during her first two seasons and Gabrielle Gaudet (formerly Cormier) will look to continue contributing speed and key plays to the line-up. Kendra O’Brien and Nicole Richard return on defense and bring with them a wealth of maturity and patience in making smart plays. Josee Doiron, Jessica Snowdon, Vanessa Hannah, Chantal Leger, Chantal King and Karine Doiron all return to the team with four years of experience and they will be looked upon for their leadership as they have endured all of the trials and triumphs competing in the NRL so far.

3. Motivation. This team is not content with the grand total of 6 points collected in the standings during the 2013-2014 season and the 3-23-0 record does not go forgotten. Competing in the NRL is not easy, but this Attack squad will be highly motivated on making games tough for their opponents. Look out for a team that will be strong on the ring and driving hard to the net every shift.

Players to watch:
1. Karine Doiron- Now 20 years old and in her 4th NRL season, Karine now knows what it takes to carry the highest amount of work load to guard the Attack net.
2. Jenny Snowdon- Fans have been paying attention to Jenny since she first broke onto the NRL scene at age 15. Last year she scored 20 goals in 18 games and already at 17, she has scored 9 goals in her first three 2014-2015 games.
3. Jena Kiviaho- Last season’s NRL all-star adopted a tough training regime this off-season and gained a whopping amount of muscle to her already solid frame. Expect no team to easily break into the triangle this season with Jena pushing them out.