BC Thunder do Tough Mudder

The BC Thunder have not only been attending Monday night training ice since the beginning of June, but have also training for something way out of their element. On June 19th, Thunder players made the trek up to Whistler, British Columbia to compete in Tough Mudder. Tough Mudder, if you don’t know, is a 17km race through the biathlon trails in Whistler that also has 18 obstacles embedded within it created by British Special Forces. Some of the obstacles include: Arctic Enema (sliding down a short slide, under a chain-link fence, and into freezing cold ice water, once submerged, having to boost yourself over a wall and through more ice water), Cry Baby (an enclosed structure filled with a safe tear gas-like substance and littered with hazards along the way), Electroshock Therapy (a color-coded “hot zone” which houses wires with increased voltage giving you random shocks as you run through) and Berlin Walls (10-foot walls put camaraderie and teamwork to the ultimate test, all participants must get up and over).

As you all know, the BC Thunder are all about giving back to the community and volunteering for a good cause, so on Saturday the players woke up at 4:20am to volunteer at the check-in gate from 6:00am to 1:00pm. The Thunder helped to check in a whopping 10,000 participants on Saturday. Captain Brandy Moleschi said: "we are all about community and helping out,, and what better of a place to do that then in Whistler at Tough Mudder. Being there, and being able to meet new people and encourage them in doing something as hard as Tough Mudder was really rewarding. It was so much fun!".

The Thunder are a team of grit and toughness, so don’t think for a second they would pass up the opportunity to participate in Tough Mudder as well. The girls got up bright and early on Sunday morning and ran the Tough Mudder like the 2012 National Champs they are. Completing the race in just over 5 hours, no Thunder was left behind, crossing the finish line linking arms like true teammates.