Bolts advice for aspiring NRL athletes

‘You can do anything you put your mind to’ is advice we most often here when it comes to achieving our goals and dreams. Some of us are born with natural talents while others have to developed skill through hard work and dedication. Our born talent is merely a starting point and if we are willing to practice and put in the hard work, we are setting ourselves up to grow and become successful. There is no way to know our true potential without serious work and effort. It’s not about proving how great we are, it’s about learning, so we become our own personal best.

Did you know that Michael Jordan was cut from his High School basketball team? Or that Michael J. Fox wasn’t chosen for his high school play, because his teacher believed he wasn’t ‘talented’ enough to act? No dream is ever too big!

Is it you dream to play in the NRL one day?

Here are some words of wisdom from the 2015/2016 Bolts:

‘There is life, in ringette, after U19 for any athlete willing to make the sacrifices and commit to working hard. The NRL is the elite league in the country and is what any player, coach or official should be striving toward.’- Beth Hurren (Team Captain)

‘It may sound cliche, but hard work definitely pays off! Put in the extra effort – on the ice and away from it – and you will see the benefits. I would also tell young athletes to set goals for current and future success. If playing in the NRL is your goal then work towards that; you may encounter bumps in the road but stay the course and focus on the things that you can control.’- Karen McWilliams (Assistant Captain)

‘One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is "don’t sweat the small stuff". There are a lot of things that happen through out the game that are out of your control. As a goalie, if you focus on everything that goes wrong that you can’t control then it’s really easy to get off your game, so stay focused on the things you can control.’
– Ashley Steele (Goalie)

‘Don’t let the usual things that people say about goalies become habit. You should still be a good skater; you should still be in shape. Keep up good habits (like using your power leg) in practice. Make sure to work on your mental game. Speak up in practice if you want to work on something. If someone wants you to change a major aspect of your playing style don’t let him or her. If you are a stand-up style goalie, you can play that way, you don’t need to play a butterfly style. If you throw with your stick hand that’s okay, just make sure you keep practicing making it work. Recognize that you have areas you need to improve in and within your personal playing style close that gap. Communicate with your defense in the triangle. Let them know where the offensive players are. It will cut down on the shots taken, and the number of quality shots.’ – Ashley Miller (Goalie)

‘Never give up. You are going to have to sacrifice things but they are always worth it in the end. Try to always keep a positive attitude and do the best you can do.’- Abby Richardson (Rookie)

Live by the motto “The only person stopping you from achieving great things is yourself.”- Chantal Gauthier (Rookie)

Practice and try new things when you practice and always give 100%. You never know who could be watching and you may just surprise yourself.- Shelby Stinson (Veteran)