Calgary RATH are “BFFs”!

Do you know what the new meaning is for “BFF”? The Calgary RATH has recently learned from the U16AA Calgary Strive team that it is now, “Be a Friends First”!

Friends First is an anti-bullying program started two years ago by Cathy Leonard, a member of the Calgary Ringette community, and the U16AA Calgary Strive team. A Calgary senior, Hazel Skinner, generously donated funds to the young team and in return, asked that the girls “pay it forward”. The team initiated the Friends First program to promote the support of teammates and celebrate individual personalities.

As part of sharing their message, on October 21st, Cathy and the team organized for the AA Ringette community and special guests, a viewing of the movie Finding Kind, a great movie for young women to watch. Finding Kind is a documentary of the cross American journey of Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson, the filmmakers, on interviewing women and girls about their lives and experiences, finding universal truths about growing up as girls and unveiling a common ground of kindness and mutual respect. Its message is directly tied with that of the Friends First program, which is why it was a great launch for the Friends First concept for this upcoming ringette season. At the end of the screening, one red skate lace was given to each person whom attended as a symbol against bullying, a reminder to be kind to each other and also, to support one another at all times. The lace is to be worn on the right skate, as it is the “right” thing to do!

The Calgary RATH players are so very much inspired by their younger ringette counterparts. The RATH has jumped at the opportunity to wear the red lace on their right skate to support the cause and push this ever so important anti-bullying message forward. We are proud of you Calgary Strive.

Be Unique. Be Beautiful. Be Confident. Be Supportive.

Pay it forward, Pass it on!