Calgary RATH: Pam Lenz

Pam Lenz grew up in central Alberta. She started playing ringette in her hometown of Bentley and soon was a dominant force for the Zone 4 AA team. She was picked up by the Calgary Belle team in 1999 for Nationals and decided then that Calgary was the place to play. “I play in Calgary because I like the club, I like the girls, it’s just a great place to play and it seems right for me.” 

Playing in Calgary has not been easy for Pam. In 2001, she started studying at Red Deer College and then moved to Edmonton to complete her degree. For four and a half years, Pam has travelled every weekend to Calgary to play ringette. Next week she starts her practicum in Leslieville, Alberta, which is about a half hour drive west of Red Deer. In December she will receive her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta. She doesn’t know where she’ll be working after that, but Pam does know that she’ll be competing for Calgary RATH. When asked why she does all this traveling to play ringette, Pam replies “For the love of the game.”

Pam is a key player in Alberta. The players of Calgary RATH feel fortunate that her heart lies in Calgary. Goaltender Shannon Hutchison explains, “When Pam moved to Edmonton we were afraid that she would play for Edge or WAM!. She is such a lethal player and terrific team mate, we want her on our side!”