Calgary RATH Rookie: #15 – CASSIDY BERRYMAN

Her favourite colour is purple, she’ll eat anything with chicken, loves chocolate covered almonds, laughs a lot and startles easily! She still visits with Santa (see photo below!), she’s a runner, a swimmer and a self-proclaimed world-class shopper, Cass does it all! Inspired to play ringette by her friends at the age of 5, she does not regret it for one moment. “Ringette isn’t only a sport to me, it has been a huge part of my life since before I can remember, most of my close friends I have met through the sport. It is my passion.”

Thirteen years ago, Cassidy started playing ringette in Whitecourt, Alberta and continued on to play U12AA for Zone 5. After a family move, slightly south of Edmonton to Beaumont, she found herself playing ringette for Leduc, Beaumont and once again, as a member of the Zone 5 AA program. She has always been "offensive minded" either playing centre or forward growing-up.

After moving to Calgary for University this summer, Cass had planned to play ringette, however she had missed the U19 AA tryouts and wondered where she’d play. At the end of August, she met then her current teammate Jocelyn Stock who suggested she try out for the RATH, she went to tryouts and the rest is history. Playing in the NRL has always been a dream of Cass’ and it been quite the ride so far!

Thus, if you’ve pieced it together, you’ve realized that Cassidy should be playing her third year of U19AA but instead she’s playing in the NRL. In her first game, she scored her first NRL goal and proved herself to be a competitor. To deal the with the high pressures of the NRL, she stays positive and trusts that her team is behind her. She has been open about some of the challenges of playing in the NRL, mainly that being the youngest, she has the least amount of experience and she is continuously adapting to new things: the speed, the skill and the systems of a new team. An advantage is that opponents don’t know what to expect from her and that she is constantly trying new things to challenge them. Cassidy always looks forward and lives by her motto, "the past is practice". She admitted, “I have a lot to prove and a lot to learn. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with the RATH.”

Cassidy has also worked with ringette camps and younger teams throughout the years. She is currently a student of Kinesiology at Mount Royal University in Calgary. In the future, she hopes that the sport of ringette will continue to grow in Canada, throughout the World and, maybe even have its place in the Olympics!