Calgary RATH Veteran #13 Dallas Robbins

Dallas Robbins has been playing ringette for 24 years and has been playing in the NRL for 10. The veteran has been a brick wall for Calgary RATH since the 2003-2004 season, played for BC’s CWG team in 2003, and a member of Team Canada in 2010 and again in 2013 but she opted out of the 2013 Team to spend more time with her family and son Malik. Growing up in BC, Dallas played for T.O.R.L for many years before moving to Calgary. Outside of ringette, Dallas works for Canada West Land Services as a Land Administrator and also runs one of the biggest ringette development companies in Calgary, BiLt Ringette Training with former RATH player Lindsey Lovse.

Along with playing for RATH and Team Canada, Dallas is a celebrity in the ringette world for competing in the Redbull Crashed Iced competition. “RedBull Crashed Iced is a pretty amazing experience. It is very different for me as I have always been involved in team sports and this is completely individual, which is exciting for me. It’s more of a laid back atmosphere compared to Ringette and such a variety of people from all over the world. The fans are unreal. It’s hard to even describe. The adrenaline I received is something I continue to crave and hope for another chance to be a part of. Similar to Ringette, it’s a young sport. It is growing and there is so much to learn.”

Outside of ringette, Dallas’ favourite hobby is doing anything involving her son Malik, RATH’s biggest fan, such as skiing, biking, running, and skating. “He is very active therefore he continues to challenge me in life even if it’s just playing at the park trying to do the monkey bars.”

There is no better person to ask how they think the NRL has evolved over the years. In past experiences, teams would have to cram 4 or 5 games into a weekend, and West and East teams would never crossover to play in the regular season. On top of that, the NRL has changed from 2 periods to 4 quarters to make it more like international play, and added the ‘Move it or Lose it’ rule which is a complete game changer for the better!

Dallas is very involved in the ringette community and has helped countless girls become better and smarter players, whether she’s on the ice playing or coaching, she’s a forced to be reckoned with.