Calgary RATH Veteran #31 – BOBBI MATTSON

Bob, Bobs, Bobbi, Boosh, Boucher, you call, she’ll answer! Bobbi Mattson is the ultimate net-minder for the Calgary RATH. This 25 year old veteran has been playing for the RATH since the 2007-2008 season, it’s her seventh year with the team. Bobbi has also worn the red and white with the Team Canada Ringette senior squad in 2010 and this past Worlds in 2013, it’s no wonder her favourite colour is red!

Bobbi has playing ringette since the age of 9. She was introduced to the sport by a good friend and was “hooked right away!” She’s been playing AA since her first year Tween and has never looked back. Growing up idolizing players to the likes of CuJo, Brodeur, Eddy Belfour, Fuhr, Potvin, etc. and always “tending” while playing street hockey until the sun went down, it’s a no-brainer she’s been suiting up between the pipes her entire career. One could pull their hair out with the stresses of being the last woman back, but not Bobbi, she thrives on the ability of making a crowd go wild, or stopping every single opponent trying to get behind her. It is no wonder her favourite quote is “it is my goal to deny yours”, no misinterpreting that one! She is confident in her abilities to get the job done. She prepares for big games the same as she prepares for practice, after all “practice like you play”. Bobbi is a firm believer in goal setting and game goals. She is the quarterback (pun intended – she LOVES football), that makes key plays to win games for her team.

Wearing the “coolest equipment” on the ice, she is in her natural habitat. She admits goal tending is not always the most pleasant as a goalie’s mistakes are easily identifiable, there is no hiding them as you are the team’s last hope. Also, being that there is only one spot on the ice, playing time can be hard to come by and lastly, it does take longer than anyone to get dressed/undressed – never mind lugging all that gear through rinks, airports, parking lots and crowds of fans!

Throughout her tenure, Bouch has helped coach younger AA goalies, works BiLt Ringette Camps and gives goalie specific instruction with 5-Count Ringette. Bobbi works as an Import Technician for Harley Davidson. In her spare time, she loves mountain biking, hiking, photography, travelling and *drumroll please* she is an INSANE New England Patriots football fan. After all, a goalie isn’t a goalie without some quirks – she is crazy superstitious while watching her Patriots play. If they are losing, she will change something; where she sits, stands, etc. She won’t even wear her favourite teams’ jerseys on game day to avoid a potential jinx. Another quirky fact? Bob sleeps with one hand on the floor a lot of nights – imagine a one-handed push-up – it looks something like that. Lastly, do not ask her to prepare a meal, her idea of meal prep is to tape her goalie stick on the counter as you cut the veggies. She can also been seen frequently sporting a new hair style, true story, check the photos below!

All in all, RATH would not be the same without this intense, quirky and fun loving individual backing our every move. Come out and watch “The Flash” in action yourself!