Favourite colour : Purple
Quirky fact: “I loooooovvvvvvveeeeee sloths. They are so cute!”

Player, coach and player once again. Meredith is amongst a very few select, if not the only one (tbd) that can say they played in the NRL, coached in the NRL, to then return to play in the NRL the follow year – and all this after adding a baby boy to her family.

Meredith’s dad signed her up a short twenty two years ago to start playing ringette at the age of 5. Back when, the “white, blue and red stick” rule still existed and you wore your jeans under your equipment – it was comfy after all! Since then, Mere has made her mark in the ringette community. She has played, refed, coached, instructed, evaluated, etc. As a coach, she’s been involved in almost all levels: Bunnies, Petites, Tween AA, Junior AA, Belle A and NRL. Although she enjoyed the elite level of the NRL, working new strategies and having a renewed appreciation for the time and effort coaches give to our sport, she was also very amazed at the improvement you can see in the younger levels in such a short period of time.

As previously mentioned, Meredith is now a mother to a 10 month old son. When asked about the transition back to playing, she admits “it wasn’t easy, sit-ups were quite the challenge post-baby” but with modifications from her trainer and persistence on her part, she’s back to normal. She is a trained X Ray Technologist, as well as knits, reads and runs as much as she can in her spare time. Ultimately, Mere has been preparing for her return, training amongst last year’s Prairie Fire teammates throughout her pregnancy, clearly inspired by this Nike ad quote: “someone busier than you is running right now!”

Lastly, Meredith was encouraged to see and participate in all the 50th Anniversary of Ringette events and media coverage across Canada. She would love to see the sport prosper even more in the future, maybe even find its place in the realm of professional sports – who wouldn’t want to be paid to play?!