Feral bench bosses

There’s no doubt about it, the Ottawa Ice would not be nearly as successful if it weren’t for it’s extremely dedicated and knowledgeable bench staff. Feral bench bosses Bryson Lamble & Lane MacAdam are thriving in their roles behind the bench, and even more so in their way of managing this spunky and tight-knit group of athletes. The team’s record is now 15-3-2 at the midway mark of the season, which has them sitting at the very top of the NRL standings. (#FeralizationToTheNation)

While he admits that he was quite intimidated by the prospect of becoming head coach for the Ice following the retirement of Al Bateman, Bryson just could not turn down the opportunity to be affiliated and coach such an amazing group of people and athletes. Now well into his second season in this role, Lamble decided he needed a new sidekick…

After having coached 3 daughters in competitive ringette for 14 years, Lane thought he had retired from active coaching! Cue Bryson asking him to help out with this NRL group. He recalls, “I was flattered and scared to death at the same time. These girls know so much about the game that I was intimidated by getting back behind the bench. I’m glad I took the plunge because I am learning so much and enjoying it as well”.

When asked why they chose to coach in the NRL and what they think makes this league so great, both have very clear answers. Bryson explains that “while the NRL has a great group of dedicated coaches, managers, trainers and administrators who support the athletes and the league on a day-to-day basis, the driving force and success of the league is primarily the result of the incredible dedication of our athletes. Ringette athletes are absolutely the most passionate and dedicated people that I have every experienced. Seldom is there a day that I don’t marvel about how our athletes make the huge time and financial commitments to make the league the success that it is and how they manage to give back to both our ringette community and to the community at large”. Lane’s reaction is similar, admitting that “while ringette is a relatively small sport in Canada, the calibre of play and the commitment of these players is outstanding. I am constantly amazed at the reaction of young players when they come to watch an NRL game. It is a fast paced and very skilled level of play.”

Both Lane and Bryson have known amazing moments and great successes coaching ringette so far, and they hope to have some more with this group in the near future. The pair agrees that their squad is definitely a force to be reckoned with this year. “Our players have passion, commitment and compete level. They work hard and come to the rink ready to play”, says Lane. Coach B echoes this: “What I see in the 2016-2017 Ottawa Ice is an amazing combination of talented, committed and determined athletes who constantly work hard to be better, every practice and every game. I am incredibly proud to be associated with every one of these young woman and we have one collective goal in mind. That’s hard to stop!”