Get To Know Your Calgary RATH!

Everywhere we go
People always ask us
Who we are
Where we’re from
And we tell them, etc.

The ever so common cheer most of us have heard walking into a rink or any sporting facility! Thus, let me introduce you to the RATH, “who we are, where we’re from”!

“Where are we from” to come together to play as the Calgary RATH?!

The majority of the team has been raised in large part in Alberta however; this year five are Manitoba grown! This year’s RATH players were born, or are from, many different cities and towns across Canada including Calgary (AB), Beaumont (AB), Regina (SK), Winnipeg (MB), Lorette (MB), Starbuck (MB) and North York (ON) and, one athlete was born in Nürnberg, Germany!

“What we do” when we are not playing our favourite sport?!

Many of us are students in various fields such as kinesiology, engineering, psychology and more. The other half of us makes a living as a Teacher, X-ray Technologist, Import Technician, Nurse and Marketer.

“What we do” with our VERY sparse spare time and in the “off-season”?!

Truly, we are devoted to the sport of ringette as many of us coach, instruct, volunteer and referee. However, we do find some time to explore other interests. As you can imagine, many of our alternate interests are sports related such as running (with aspirations of demolishing a half and even completing a full marathon), yoga, skiing (cross-country, alpine and water), snowboarding, wake surfing, mountain biking, trail riding, hiking, golfing, working out, swimming (also in the realm of finishing triathlons), bowling, tobogganing and playing volley-ball. On other the hand, RATH does have many interests away from sports. We like to travel, photograph, read, knit, bake, watch movies, go to plays, volunteer, do improve, attend life group, go camping, finger paint, exploit Candy Crush, hangout with family and friends, be a phenomenal mom to a 10 month old son; and, wait for it, one of us is a self-proclaimed world class shopper and one of us even plays the harp!

Now that you know us a little more off the ice, come out to watch the RATH play this season and get to know us on the ice! See you at the rinks 🙂