Getting to Know Kirstin Johnston, Assistant Captain of the Richmond Hill Lightning

Kirstin Johnston, #22

Richmond Hill and its coaching staff are very happy to have Kirstin Johnston as a part of the NRL’s Richmond Hill Lightning. Johnston is a true leader and has really contributed to this team in the rebuilding process. We are pleased to have drafted her and look forward to many years with her here in Richmond Hill.

On and off the Ice:
“I grew up playing in Ajax, compete for Central Region, then had the fortunate opportunity to play for Team Ontario at the ’07 Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse where we won gold. From then I started my NRL career playing for the Gloucester Devils since I was living in Ottawa for school. After 7 awesome years with Gloucester, I moved back to the GTA where I was drafted by Richmond Hill.
Off Ice I am a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Twist Conditioning Centre in Whitby. I enjoy working, training, music, and being with friends. “

Re-entering the draft, going first overall:
“It was nice to be acknowledge as a skilled player on and off the ice. I had no expectation coming into the draft besides knowing I still wanted to play Ringette. But it feels good to know that my efforts to be a positive leader on and off the ice in Gloucester had been recognized by other teams.”

Transition of Richmond Hill:
“It was difficult to begin with and I think there’s still parts of me that are still in transition. I’ve known a lot of the players for a while now so that helped to ease the transition, but regardless it can be still difficult to break into a new team, with different routines, mindsets, habits etc. But overall there’s a great group of athletes that all want to work together towards a common goal, and the coaching staff are very open to suggestions and feedback, which has made things easier. “

Favourite part of being in Richmond Hill:
“My teammates and the support we receive from the association.”

Aspiring Ringette players:
“Come play Ringette! This sport has so much to offer young girls as aspiring athletes. Ringette has given me some of the most unique sport opportunities as well as some of the greatest friendships I have. It’s a great team sport and I would encourage anyone to come try it out :)!”