Getting to Know The 2016/2017 Bolts

Megan Gibson #89

Fun Facts:
– Megan was 6 years old when her dad saw article in newspaper for ‘Come Try Ringette’.
– The best parts of ringette for Megan are the team, the speed and the finesse.
– Megan was cut from Team Ontario tryouts and she had to sit back and remember why she was playing the game to begin with. For her it was because it is fun and remembering this helped her rebound to prep for U19 Team Canada. Training on her own time aside from teams’ organized ice/training is what Megan did to overcome this time of adversity.
– Megan was never entered into the draft. At the age of 15 she was protected by the Richmond Hill organization as an AP for RHL NRL.
– Megan’s advice for aspiring NRL players is to ‘have fun with it, enjoy the girls and the friendships you make over the years, train hard on/off the ice.’

Erica Voss #19

Fun Facts:

– Erica started playing ringette when she was 6. Her sister was playing at the time and she always wanted to do what her older sister was doing.
– Erica’s favourite part about the game is the competition and how it pushes her to be a better athlete and person.
– Erica’s favourite quote is "head down, eyes forward" so she tries to take that approach to all obstacles she face – she just keeps working.
– When Erica was asked about being drafted, she told us ‘It was really exciting! I was excited to play with and against players I looked up to.’
– Erica’s advice for aspiring NRL players is to ‘keep working hard and take every opportunity you can to learn.’