Getting to Know the 2016/2017 Bolts!

Lindsea Barbosa #33


Fun Facts:
– Lindsea began playing ringette at the age of 3, for Oshawa. She was inspired to play because her older sister played and her dad coached
– Her favourite part of the game is the level of competitiveness. The opportunity to play at the highest level, compete against some of the best players in the country, and to play alongside her best friends
– The challenges Lindsea overcame during her ringette career would be directly related to balancing the NRL schedule with other commitments in life. A huge part of her life is managing her time effectively!
– Being drafted into the NRL was one the best experiences she had in her ringette career. ‘It was an amazing feeling, and something I’d been working towards for many years.’
– ‘My advice to aspiring NRL players would be to never give up. Stay true to yourself and the goals that you set. Work towards them and never stop until you’ve reached them. Reaching your goal is such a rewarding feeling.’
Melissa Simone #12


Fun Facts:
– Melissa has been playing ringette since I she 4 years old. Her older sister and cousins were already involved in the sport so her dad signed her up as well. (Melissa’s uncle read about ringette in the newspaper and signed his daughter up, she was the first one that joined and all the other cousins followed)
– Melissa’s favourite part of the game is accomplishing small and big goals that the team has set by working together. The feeling of excitement and happiness when you win a game or accomplish a goal is a big part of the game for her.
– She overcame challenges and adversity by working through the struggles and never gave up. ‘When something set me back I would work harder on trying to improve that problem to overcome the barrier. Always keeping a positive attitude and mindset to get you through situations that didn’t necessarily turn out the way you expected or wanted.’
– Being drafted to the Richmond Hill NRL team was an amazing feeling and experience as it was something that Melissa was working towards for years. Growing up she knew she always wanted to play for Richmond Hill NRL and when it became a reality it felt like all her hard work paid off. Even though she knew the hard work couldn’t stop there!
– ‘Advice I would give to aspiring NRL players is to never give up on your goals and to do what you can to work towards them so you can eventually achieve it. Always stay positive and keep your head up! Hard work, dedication, commitment and practice will help you achieve your goals.’