Getting to know the Bolts

Sarah Esmail #80 (AP)


Fun Facts:
– She started playing ringette at the age of 7. Her parents put her in a learn to skate program through Richmond Hill Ringette Association and she has been playing since
– Her favorite aspect of the game is being part of an amazing community. She feels that it is nice to be surrounded by individuals that are as passionate about the game and motivated to reach their goals
– Sarah has overcome adversity by never giving up and consistently working hard towards her goals
– She entered the draft as a second year bell (U19) and was really excited to get drafted to the Turbos. She was in Cuba when the draft occurred and clearly remembers landing at Pearson Airport a week later and seeing all the tweets and emails coming in
– Sarah’s advise to aspiring NRL ringette players is ‘to follow your dreams’

Carley Heimbecker #6


Fun Facts:
– Carley fell in love with ringette at an Edmonton WAM game. Her grandmother was driving the bus that took the WAM to a game and invited Carley and her younger along sister to watch. She thought the sport was pretty amazing and joined Cambridge Ringette the next season when she was 8 years old.
– Her favourite part of ringette is meeting people with the same competitive drive as her. While meeting new people she found only ringette girls share her same competitive spirit
– Some challenges Carley has experienced through her ringette career are balancing all her commitments. ‘It is difficult at times to balance ringette with work, school and a social life. I overcame it by being organized and planning ahead.’
– When she was drafted to the NRL she was very excited. Carley followed the drafts on the twitter page and was excited and nervous for a new level of play with/against some of her previous coaches
– Carley suggests aspiring NRL players ‘work hard on and off the ice. When you are playing against the top players in Canada it is important to make the full commitment by working out on your own time and putting your all into the on ice sessions.’

Ashley Heimbecker #44


Fun Facts:
– In a little twist of fate, Ashley fell in lover with ringette at an Edmonton WAM game. Her grandmother was driving the bus that took the WAM to a game and invited Ashley and her older sister Carley to watch, She thought the sport was pretty amazing and joined Cambridge Ringette the next season when she was 6 years old.
– Ashley’s favourite part of the game is continuously meeting new people who have the same competitive drive that she does.
– Ashley’s biggest challenge throughout her ringette career is balancing her busy schedule. Ashley found it difficult at times to balance her ringette schedule with, school, work, and a social life. But through 12 years of practice, she has learned to manage her time, and prioritize her schedule.
– When Ashley found out that she was drafted to Richmond Hill, she was overwhelmed with joy. She was so excited to get a chance to play with people she has admired throughout her entire life and play at an entirely new level that will continuously push her to become a better player.
– Ashley suggests ‘setting small achievable goals, and make a plan to achieve them. Don’t worry about the big picture in the beginning. If you accomplish these small goals then that big picture will take care of itself.’