Girls supporting girls around the world

Investing in girls is key to eliminating poverty and creating a better world. Imagine not being able to go to school simply because you are a girl. This is the reality for about 20 million girls around the world and is something we take for granted.

Plan Canada has created the Because I am a Girl campaign that aims to empower the world’s poorest girls to combat the discrimination they face. Girls’ access to education will enable them to create more equal societies and help break the cycle of poverty.

When the Cambridge Turbos NRL team learned about the Because I am a Girl campaign, they all agreed it was a worthwhile cause to get behind and raise awareness about the movement among young girls.

During the annual Cambridge tournament in early January, the team held a bake sale and sold tickets for one of their games, with all proceeds going to the cause. Together, they raised an amazing $1060 in one afternoon.

But they were not finished fundraising yet. A few weeks later, the team hosted a ringette clinic for about 60 girls and asked that each participant make a donation to Because I am a Girl.

Not only was this a great ringette opportunity for young girls in the sport to skate with one the NRL’s top teams, it was another way to spread awareness. The Turbos raised an additional $335 for the Because I am a Girl fund that afternoon.

“We are so pleased with how well our fundraising events went and how generous people were,” says Christina Mascherin of the Cambridge Turbos. “Our team loves what this campaign represents and how it empowers girls all over the world.” In fact, they loved it so much, they all “bought the t-shirt.”

Help create a brighter, safer future for girls around the world. For more information about the Because I am a Girl campaign and Plan Canada, visit and