Gloucester Devil Stephanie Rheaume

My name is Stephanie Rheaume and I’m a rookie to the Gloucester devils this year but not to the nrl in general. I entered the nrl last year with Gatineau and had a great experience and introduction to what the nrl is all about. I started out my ringette career in Gloucester for a short time then spent most of my playing years with the Nepean ravens. I’ve been playing ringette for 16 years and it’s been in my family for even longer. In a sense my family started from ringette, my parents met through it where my dad coached my mom and their relationship formed from there; both coaching years after. Ringette has always been a huge part of my life, I grew up in the rinks and plan on staying in the rinks for the rest of my life. I experienced my first year in coaching last year at the petite level and absolutely fell in love with getting to teach kids something I’m so passionate about. I plan on coaching for many more years to come and also playing as long as I possibly can. I’ve have had an amazing experience this year with the devils and have grown as a player in so many ways, I look forward to the remaining of the season and upcoming playoffs.