Gloucester Devils – Montreal Road Trip

On October 24th, the Devils travelled to Montreal for two games against the Montreal Mission and the Lac St. Louis Adrenaline.

In the first game, the Adrenaline outshot the Devils 33 to 30. However, Jasmine LeBlanc made 31 saves for a save percentage of 94 percent – well above the NRL average of 85 percent. Rookie Darcy Woods had her first NRL goal in the game. Darcy has joined the Devils after playing many years in the Southern Region of Ontario. She is currently a student at Carleton University. Veteran Kaitlyn Youldon scored 4 goals, adding one assist and was awarded player of the game for the Devils.

In the second contest, although the Devils outshot the Mission 50 to 43, the Mission proved too strong and outscored the Devils 8 to 6 to win the game. With 28 minutes in penalties to both teams, there was a period in the game when both teams had only three skaters on the ice, making for a 3 v 3 situation – rarely seen – but immensely entertaining.

First year player Allie Marcotte got three goals and was awarded player of the game for the Devils. Coach Youldon is most pleased with young Marcotte. “Allie has adapted well to the Devils system of play and to the NRL. She trains hard, listens well and competes extremely well. Devil veterans have stepped up to provide feedback that has help Allie to fit in,” says Youldon.

After six games of NRL play this season, the Devils find themselves with a winning percentage of 67 percent. The Devils travel to Calgary on November 14 and 15 to face the Calgary Rath in a 4 game series.