Great way to warm up 2013!

Well 2013 is getting off to a great start!

On Sunday January 6th the U8 team held their Christmas party at the Tom Brown Arena so they could watch the Gloucester Devils play the Calgary RATH and boy are they fun to watch! Although it was cold in there you really felt the heat from how fast these ladies can skate 🙂

The Gloucester Devils were very welcoming and generous with their time. They did an off ice warm up with the U8 team for over half an hour prior to playing then came back upstairs to sign autographs afterwards. Although I’m sure they must have been tired, they danced around, signed autographs and sat down to chat with the girls!

One of the highlights for the U8 team was signing our national anthem on the microphone standing on the Gloucester Devils bench. The girls were so proud…and they should be as they did an excellent job representing the Metcalfe Hornets!

After all of this excitement, it was time to head to the upstairs hall and kick off our pot luck as well as our secret Santa gift exchange. Thanks to our team manager Alison for organizing this fantastic afternoon. Also a big thank you to our wonderful coach Lori as well as our great bench staff, Kerry, Penny, Tom and Hugh for all the time, the knowledge and the energy they bring to the team.

Here’s to a great second half of the season!!!