Guess the feral

We already know that the Ottawa Ice girls are dedicated athletes, ringette players, and great ambassadors of this game. However, aside from their passion for this sport, they are also committed to their jobs, their studies, various different hobbies, as well as their family & friends. They truly are multitasking queens! The team is composed of a handful of students, as well as many young women with great careers and professional goals. But what are they really like when the helmets are off and they’re not at the rink? What makes their blood flow aside from ringette? What are some of their quirks and funny memories? Let’s find out and get to know this tight-knit team a little better.

Here’s a little game for you, dear National Ringette League fan. Below are 18 fun facts about the members of the Ottawa team. The idea is to associate each one to the appropriate athlete. Think you can handle it? Test your knowledge and “Guess The Feral”… (Answers are found at the bottom, no peeking!)

1. This Feral has been to 15 different countries.
2. This athlete has conquered the highest bungee jump in North America.
3. This team member has an unbelievable talent of being able to fall asleep anywhere.
4. This Feral played most of her ringette career in New Brunswick as she comes for Dieppe.
5. This team member got engaged this past November… and we all can’t wait to feralize her wedding next fall!
6. This upcoming March, this athlete is leaving for a 5-month trip to Australia by herself.
7. This Feral absolutely needs her earplugs to fall asleep. And if you ask her, she’ll maybe even tell you the funny nickname she has for them!
8. This Feral recently adopted a boxer puppy named Tyson, and he’s the star of her Instagram account! #tysonselfies
9. This athlete knows every word to every episode of the Gilmore Girls.
10. This Feral’s name is pronounced incorrectly by most people on their first try. Her name is actually from a popular 80s song by Mr. Mister.
11. This Feral is afraid of eating the seeds of fruits & veggies. Why? As a toddler she used to love putting things in her nose – she claims that, once, she shoved a pea in her nose and it sprouted into a plant.
12. This Feral once had a dog with no bottom jaw.
13. This athlete actually used to hate (with a capital H) the very Feral color purple. Now, she absolutely loves it and it is everywhere in her life.
14. This crazy team member once fell on her face and had to get three stitches on her eyebrow. This all happened while she was wearing a cow costume.
15. This athlete once got to dance with and high-five Katy Perry when she made it onstage at one of her concerts.
16. This team member has set foot on four different continents.
17. This Feral wears fake glasses on a regular basis… And totally rocks them!
18. This athlete spent last summer tree planting in British Columbia.

1. Elsa Fougere, 2. Jenna Love, 3. Brittany MacDonald, 4. Sophie Goguen, 5. Jenna McBride, 6. Gillian Holder, 7. Katie Lugg, 8. Jayme Simzer, 9. Sarah Brown, 10. Kyrie Love, 11. Jennifer Hartley, 12. Sarah Gross, 13. Tori Goble, 14. Chloé Laframboise, 15. Émilie Laviolette, 16. Natasha Côté, 17. Carrie Lugg, 18. Alex Bateman