Island hospitality not just limited to the Caribbean!

The Royals de Bourassa weekend start was not without apprehension of leaving a key defense player at home with a severe injury and the 14 hour bus ride was weighing heavy on the minds of players and coaches alike. However, with the help of the best bus driver ever, humor soon occupied the bus.

The constant tweets from our host hotel Holiday Inn Express (HIE) as well as PEI Ringette started to mount our excitement of the road trip. We cannot say enough good things about HIE and their extra attention to small details that went a long way with our welcome, including player loot bags on arrival and individual bottles in each room with our names and logo printed on them.

A shout out to the players of U10 Riptide, U12 Lord O’ Rings, and U10 Bolts – your smiles and genuine excitement certainly created a feeling of welcome and we not only appreciated the admiration these young players bestowed on the team we absorbed the energy from them and it not only helped our player at home as her jersey was paraded on the ice, it also helped our team as a whole and we rose above some of the outside obstacles we were to face in this three game series. Don’t forget these NRL players were once U10 and U12…keep at it girls, maybe one day we’ll be watching you out there as NRL players.

Let us not forget PEI Ringette and its president Mike. Your extra efforts in securing us a room for our equipment for the entire weekend was awesome, the effort to help us get to the arena Sunday morning had we not been able to use our bus due to restriction on driver…nothing but PURE EASTERN HOSPITALITY AT ITS BEST! Thank you.

THE ROAR of the crowd when Atlantic scored…how can you NOT get goosebumps even if you’re a Royal, can you say holy adrenaline (no not the LSL kind) the blood flowing kind that gets your energy and game tension flared up. THEN SATURDAY bigger rink bigger crowd BIGGER ROARS, but wait the roars are for us too, and pumped up we are, down two defense players injured, one at home and one here, come Sunday morning players positions joggled around, players fighting fatigue, lack of sleep and it is flu season, some energy not generated in the right places, but we refocused and got that straightened out. We did it we RALLIED AROUND as a team, we came together as a team, took it for the team and we won 2 of 3 games as a team. Congratulations to each one of you for stepping up your game and get it done.

A lot of factors made this weekend a great weekend from the wins to the fathers and mothers in the hallway thanking us for allowing their daughters on the ice with us as it is a highlight they will not soon forget, the genuine Islander hospitality is next to none.

My advice to anyone looking for a tournament for your association team…consider PEI ringette tournament in 2016,  you won’t be disappointed.