Jenny and Britney Snowdon look to ‘finnish’ for Team Canada

Two very familiar faces of the Atlantic Attack’s offense are taking their game overseas later this month to Finland. Both Jenny and Britney were selected back in May to represent Team Canada on their junior team at the World Ringette Championship.

The two sisters who compete alongside their two older sisters, Kelly and Jessica, on the Atlantic Attack helped contribute heavily to the most successful first half season the Attack have posted in the team’s history. Head coach of the Attack, Julien Leger, had resounding praise for the two athletes based on what he has witnessed thus far in the season, “They always shine in big games. They have the drive to play ringette and that is not something you can teach. Jenny is a natural goal scorer- a pure sniper. Britney is a playmaker with a scoring touch. If I were to compare them to other elite athletes, Jenny would be like Alexander Ovechkin and Britney would be like Sidney Crosby’. Leger feels both athletes will add a significant contribution to Team Canada.

Britney is only 15 years of age and is by far the youngest player on the team. Her youthfulness does not affect her ability to play the game at a high level. Britney was recently part of the 2015 Canada Winter Games Team for New Brunswick that secured a medal (bronze) which was a first in the province’s ringette history. Britney scored 3 points in round robin play before exploding with 2 goals and 3 assists in the semi-final versus Quebec. Britney is in the midst of her first NRL season and has contributed 3 points in only 5 games.

Eighteen year old Jenny currently holds 6th place in the National Ringette League scoring race with 19 goals and 26 assists (45 points) in 17 games. Jenny scored a goal in the semi-final game at the Canada Winter Games and chipped in 3 goals and 6 assists in the playoffs. Jenny who also started her debut in the NRL at the age of 15 says, “we are looking forward to representing our country and being able to travel to Finland and compete at the national level. It will be very interesting to experience all of the different styles of play. The Attack has really helped me to push myself to the fullest since I entered the league and it has gotten me to where I am today- always pushing myself harder to succeed’. In fact, Jenny Snowdon has more goals than she does NRL career games. She has scored 88 goals in 66 games and is often used in the tie breaking shootout scenario.

The two sisters will depart on December 23rd to meet their teammates in Toronto and their first team practice will be held on Christmas Day. Their proud sisters, Jessica and Kelly, and their parents, Janice and Rupert will be cheering them on from afar as well as the New Brunswick Ringette community. Good luck Jenny and Britney!