Let us NOT forget, the original six

As in the NHL, we too have the original 6, since 07/08 season 6 die hard ringette players have remained loyal to their club. They have played through tough times and good times. Played always with desire to make their club proud, striving to be on top and will continue to do so as long as they can. They have played though 2 Jersey changes, home club change and a name change. They have seen snipers come and snipers go, seen players lose their lust for the sport, yet they have fought off injuries, personal conflicts, work commitments and sometimes struggled to remain a part of this team.

They may not ALL get stars of the month, or recognition they deserve, but they are solid players, with a solid dedication to the NRL and the flag they fly.

Melanie Leclair, Isabelle Martin and Isabelle Grenier on the forward attack, Austin Lancaster, Annick Gauthier and Carolyne Laroche on the defensive squad.