Linda Lugg – An unsung hero & an inspiration for the Ottawa Ice

The success of a National Ringette League team depends on much more than the players’ on-ice work. Behind the scenes, dozens of volunteers are constantly busy and making plans to ensure that everything runs smoothly. For the Ottawa Ice, the one person that immediately comes to mind is none other than Linda Lugg – she is truly the heart & soul of the feral family. She secures ice times, coordinates transportation, books hotel rooms, ensures that on-ice and off-ice wear is organized, arranges all the technical aspects at every home game, excitedly hosts team events, sends out important reminders & suggestions, reunites team members, is always up for a pep-talk or a hug, and is undoubtedly the all-around biggest supporter of the Ice. A lady of many talents, she truly does it all!

This past summer, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery and is currently in the final stretch of chemotherapy. A bout of radiation will follow in the New Year, and she will energetically tell you herself that she absolutely expects to make a full recovery. While treatments have kept her out of the rinks so far this season, rest assured that Linda has not skipped a beat in her involvement with the team. She remains the main reason why the Ice athletes and staff are at the right rink at the right time, and ready to go every time they lace up their skates. Even though she is not physically present at ringette functions this year, Linda’s presence is continuously felt through the countless bits of hard work she continues to undertake. She is an inspiration for all, and was more than ever a source of motivation for the Ice’s latest matchup…

Just recently, the Ice hosted their annual Breast Cancer Awareness game. Thanks to the tremendous support of friends, family members & ringette fans, it was their most successful year to date. The event raised almost 3,000$ for the cause! This time, in light of this disease hitting closer to home than usual, the team has decided that the money will be donated entirely to the new Breast Health Center at the Ottawa Hospital. The funds will help the region’s own mothers, daughters, sisters and friends as they courageously face breast cancer.

Even beyond the scope of the Ottawa Ice, Linda is an indispensable member of the entire ringette community at large. She is truly exemplary in all her roles: as a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend, a manager, a fighter, a ringette promoter, and a humble human being. Thus, when she’s back in action at the rinks in the near future, make sure to salute Linda when you do meet her – and maybe give her a high five while you’re at it. You are so loved and appreciated, Linda – no one deserves it more!