Meet long-time Turbo, Brittany Walden

Every team needs them; the solid, steady contributors; the leaders who help bring the team together. Brittany Walden, a long-time Turbo who bleeds the orange and black, is one of those players.

“I joined the Turbos in the 2005-2006 season and it was an intimidating experience, given the team was chock full of star players. I was nervous, but buckled down and tried to learn everything I could from my teammates, who made me feel welcome,” says Britt.

Now, as the second longest serving Turbo and an Assistant Captain, Britt is a team leader who takes a special interest in making all new Turbos feel welcome. She hosts team parties at her Cambridge home and helps create fun events to help the team bond every season. “Over the last few years, there has been a steady change in the makeup of this team and it is key to our success to make everyone feel an important part of the team,” she says. “Our off-ice bonding is as vital to us as what we do on the ice.”

On the ice, Britt is a versatile player and is happy to have more assists show up on her stats than goals. “Points are good for the team, but it’s not my be-all and end-all. I just like to be able to contribute however I can to our team’s success,” she says.

Britt and her sister Jess have coached the Cambridge U19AAs for three years. She is happy to be able to give back to her sport, which has been such an important part of her life for 24 years. It takes up a lot of her spare time, but she says seeing younger players improve and hopefully make it to the NRL is worth it.

Britt’s day job is a unique one. She is self-employed as a “real-time” court reporter who travels to various types of hearings around Southern Ontario. Real-time reporting involves the latest technology that allows her to produce transcripts much quicker than old-school reporting does. Her skills are in big demand and she has even travelled as far as Nunavut to work on cases.

An interesting sidebar to Britt’s reporting career is her “15 minutes of fame” as a court reporter on a couple of episodes of the TV series Suits, part of which is filmed in Toronto. The show needed a court reporter in a few scenes, so Britt and her transcription machine made an appearance.