Meet the Ottawa Ice rookies.

The Ottawa Ice was thrilled to acquire Emma Wood, Sarah Cram & Kali MacAdam in the 2015 NRL draft. Their talent, work ethic, and positive attitudes make them key additions to the team. So far this season, these newest wearers of the purple and teal are all contributing immensely, and at all ends of the ice as they each play different positions. Here’s your opportunity to get to know these three athletes, who will certainly continue to make an impact with their solid on-ice plays and overall feral demeanour.

Emma is our Finnish import for the season and we are so grateful to have had her join our team. She’s been playing ringette for some time now, having been introduced by her mom’s hairdresser over 11 years ago. She’s made lifelong friends along the way, and the fastest game on ice has taken her to many great places around the world. She says her favourite thing about the sport is the fact that, no matter how bad your day has been, ringette seems to put everything into perspective – funnily enough, she adds, the world seems to be a better place after practice, for example. Ringette challenges her every day, as there is always something she can execute better.

In her home country, Emma plays for the Espoon Kiekkoseura. She has wanted to come to Canada to play in the NRL ever since she saw her idol play here. She figured she had to come live the experience herself! When asked about the differences between the NRL and the ringette she is used to playing back home, Emma answers that the game in Canada feels like it is two times faster than in Finland. In addition, the on-ice determination of the players to get the ring and go for the play is a little different than what she is used to.

She is absolutely loving getting to know her new teammates so far, and says that the positive attitude that follows the Ottawa Ice family is something she hopes to take away from her time here. “Everybody on the team wants you to succeed and they encourage you to do better, this creates a positive atmosphere which just feeds the team. Basically it is feralization!”

In the next 5 years, her goal is to represent Finland at the World Ringette Championships.

This solid netminder has been playing ringette for 7 years now, and has a provincial gold medal, a bronze medal from the Eastern Canadian Championships, as well as an appearance at Nationals to boot. Her favourite thing about ringette is the speed and the skill of the players.

When she first saw a National Ringette League game a couple days after Jenna McBride ran a power skating clinic back when she was in Tween, she was blown away by the speed & skill showcased and made it a goal for herself to play in the NRL. When asked if she’s had to change and/or adapt anything about her game at this level she mentions that she’s “had to become quicker in net because I’m playing with/against some of the best players in the game”. We can tell you first-hand that she had done a tremendous job since day one.

So far, her favourite thing about playing for the Ottawa Ice is “jersey time”. No wait, that was a joke. Her real most favourite thing is playing with other athletes who love the game and are very competitive & intense.

In the next 5 years, some of the things she wishes to accomplish ringette-wise include winning a medal at the Canadian Ringette Championships, as well as vying for a spot on Team Canada.

Kali started playing ringette when she was 7 years old, all because of her wonderful teammates/neighbours/past babysitters and coaches Katie and Carrie Lugg! Her ringette résumé includes appearances on the Eastern AAA, Team Ontario and Team Russia rosters, to name a few. Even though Kali is considered a rookie on the Ottawa Ice this season, she is not a newcomer to the National Ringette League. She gained some experience playing at this level with the Atlantic Attack while she was completing her university studies in Eastern Canada.

A few of her favourite things about this sport are the competitive aspect of the game, being able to stay active & healthy, as well as the friendships you make along the way. When asked why she wanted to play in the NRL, she says that, as she grew up and saw past coaches and older players she knew and looked up to playing in this league, she always knew she wanted to make it there someday too. She adds that the game is much faster at the NRL level.

For her, the best part about playing for the Ottawa Ice is becoming a #feral, obviously. In the next 5 years, her main ringette goal is to win a National Championship.