Montreal Mission beats the odds

Seven games played, seven wins!! Who would of thought!!

Due to injuries to key players and playing with a short bench, Montreal Mission veterans had their work cut out for them. Ice time would not be a problem, rest might be. But no one expected that the rookies, thrown into a stressful situation would perform with such self-confidence and help the team achieve a perfect 7-0 record.
Let us mention that Natasha Hurtubise, Camille Vezina, Alexandra Mouton and Makaya Roberts all played a big role in the teams success. They have learned quickly that teamwork is key and smart play will render great results.
Whatever the opposing team tries to do, (intimidation, rough play), focus on your game and the team will succeed.
Easy to say, hard to do!! When you do the benefits are rewarding.

Keep up the good work and play on.

Montreal Mission drives on.