My experience at Canada Winter Games by Elyssa Jasper

There is absolutely no doubt that my experience at the Canada Winter Games was the best time of my life. It’s not just because our team won the gold medal but because of the new memories and many friends that were made. Playing at the AAA level made me eligible to participate in the tryouts for Team Ontario and this process was done within a week. The work and time put into getting to the Yukon was extreme. Playing games, practicing, dry land training were all part of the preparation.  It sounds hard (and it was), but in the end it was all worth it. To play with and against other great ringette players at this competitive level was an amazing experience. In the Yukon we played several great teams throughout our time spent there and I was so sad to see it all end. Unfortunately I was injured in our third game and required intense therapy in order to play in the final game against Alberta, but I wanted to be there. Overall, I wish I could re-live the whole experience. But now I’m playing with another great team and I know we will succeed!