Only the strong survive

All serious ringette teams know there are many things that go into team success.  One of the most important is preparation – both physical and mental.  Like most good teams, the Prairie Fire is serious about off ice preparation too.

The Fire work twice weekly at Effectus Athlete Development in Winnipeg.  Under the direction of Dana Say and Adrian Honish, the players assemble every Monday and Wednesday evening.  Dana and Adrian have designed a program that will help the players develop the strength and conditioning needed for NRL competition. According to Dana, the players come to every session ready to work hard to develop their strength and fitness.  As Adrian oversees the training sessions, he wants to see commitment, hard work and to see steady improvement in fitness levels.

The girls have taken their off ice training to another level.  Besides training at Effectus, the girls have taken on an intra-team challenge.  Players have been split into four mini-teams.  Baseline measurements have been taken and coach Jamie Penner has offered a prize for the group which shows the most improvement.  The players are ensuring that they find other times in the week for additional dryland training.  At mid-season, the girls added the second off ice session at Effectus.  The improvement in strength and fitness will contribute to stronger on-ice performance.

So to others in the NRL, for the Prairie Fire girls those bumps under the jerseys aren’t pads, those are muscles.