Ottawa Ice: second-half update

Already a month into the second-half of the season, the Ottawa Ice can see the finish line fast approaching. It also seems like the battle to finish on top of the standings will be fierce right until the final regular season game is played.

Last weekend, the Metcalfe Ringette Association continued its annual tradition of hosting an Ice home game. Words cannot express how excited the entire team was to partake in this event once again this season. The atmosphere and the enthusiasm are always second to none, as the arena is packed and so many young ringette players get to participate, too. This year, the Ice athletes got to warm-up with some U12 girls, then were accompanied on-ice by two more teams, only to finish with a little meet & greet and autograph signing session post-game. It’s safe to say that everyone involved feels incredibly welcomed, and it is truly encouraging to witness the passion for the sport shared by everyone in the area, specifically in Metcalfe. The Ottawa Ice know they are very fortunate to have local associations like these to work with and keep promoting ringette and developing future little NRL stars.

The Ferals only have one more home game remaining, and will finish off the 2016-2017 campaign with a 3-game trip down to Southern Ontario at the end of February. Thanks for staying updated this long & stay tuned for what’s next! #FeralizationToTheNation