Ottawa Ice – The incredible young women behind the ringette athletes

The sport of ringette is constantly growing, improving & becoming more known in various countries around the world. The National Ringette League, which serves as the showcase league for this sport in Canada, also strives to be the premiere women’s sports league in the country. It succeeds because it is flexible and allows the nation’s most talented athletes to keep competing at the highest level, all while creating well-rounded & experienced young women who pursue other interests and dedicate themselves in an array of other areas in the process. In fact, aside from committing themselves to ringette, NRL players are also professionals, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives & friends with all sorts of obligations and responsibilities. NRL athletes are fantastic role models when it comes to dedication, balance, and constant hard work in all areas of day-to-day engagements. The Ottawa Ice squad is a perfect example of this inspiring fact. Forever passionate about the game, these girls play and pursue ringette because they love it – and like most, they can’t imagine their lives without it. Now, here’s a look at the Feral athletes outside of the ringette scope and off the ice – who they are, what they do, & what they aspire to be in their everyday lives.

Paige Johnston, 19
Although she’s only been hanging around the Ottawa Ice crew for a month or so, Paige’s energetic nature is already a fantastic addition to the team. She is currently in her first year of studies at the University of Ottawa, enthusiastically majoring in human kinetics. When she’s not playing ringette, Paige can be found taking part in a variety of other sports (such as soccer & football), reading, shopping, swimming, as well as watching TV series. Her bed is her go-to downtime spot! Her biggest dream at the moment is to become a gym teacher.

Jayme Simzer, 24
This athlete is forever young at heart. When asked about her best quality, Jayme finds it difficult to name just one that describes her best. In general, she always has a positive attitude and tries to accomplish new goals and better herself as an individual every single day. She’s driven, determined, loyal, honest and supportive to those closest to her. In 2012, she graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and is currently working with Health Canada as an executive assistant. She hopes to branch out into the field of Fire Fighting or Police Foundations in the near future. Her hobbies outside of ringette include #tysonselfies with her favourite boy, and training at CrossFit to improve her weaknesses. Jayme is constantly setting new goals as she has high expectations and big dreams. In the next year she hopes to be competing at the Canada East CrossFit Regionals as well as being on the playing roster for Team Canada 2015.

Jenna McBride, 29
Jenna is a natural-born leader & a very organized person. Aside from her many responsibilities involving ringette, Jenna is a hazmat chemist for the Department of National Defense. During her downtime, she enjoys sewing, reading, spending time with her dog, and during the past year – wedding planning! In fact, Jenn just tied the knot a few weekends ago, and is now looking forward to enjoying wedded life as much as possible. Her current dream is for the Ottawa Ice to win Nationals again!

Kyrie Love, 27
Always easy going and patient, Kyrie is a very passionate person about the things she does and the people she spends time with. She is currently a Grade 1 French immersion teacher in the Ottawa-Carleton district school board. She involves herself in various ways as she coaches the boys’ soccer & basketball teams (Go Bears!), and helps junior students lead an art club for younger kids. Aside from ringette, Kyr plays indoor soccer and volleyball with friends. She spends most, if not all, her spare time off at her family cottage. Otherwise, she happily hangs out with friends and checks out events happening in the city. Her current goal is saving and searching for her future home! She hopes to also continue travelling, and maybe teach abroad.

Chloé Laframboise, 22
Upon walking into the Ottawa Ice changeroom, you can almost immediately feel the humour and energy that this young woman brings to the team. Chloé is currently working for the Ottawa Hospital as an HRIM Assistant. Outside of her work and ringette, Chlo likes to fill her days with fun activities. You can often find her doing CrossFit, playing floor hockey, trying new things, watching movies, catching up on TV shows, hanging with her pug, and spending as much time as possible with friends and family. Her biggest goal at the moment is to obtain employment that satisfies her interests. She wants to wake up in the morning and be excited to go to work, help out, make someone’s day better, and learn something new. Lately, she’s also been dreaming of travelling to New Zealand, Ireland, and Italy. Overall, she is constantly looking to improve herself in various aspects of life – and never fails to remember that good things come with hard work, determination, and patience.

Émilie Laviolette, 21
It is already Émilie’s third year of play in the National Ringette League, and she’s enjoying every second more and more. She brings passion & charisma to the team, as well as the people she rubs elbows with on a daily basis. Em is studying International Studies & Modern Languages at the University of Ottawa and is currently completing her fourth year. On top of this, you can find her running around the aisles at Winners part-time – making money but also spending most of it on the spot, as she is a total shopaholic. During her rare moments of spare time, Émilie can be found out and about with friends & family, passionately cheering on the Montréal Canadiens, indulging in her sweet tooth, taking pictures, or simply lazing around with her cats. She dreams of one day settling down, having a family, becoming a teacher & remaining greatly involved with ringette in any way she can.

Sarah-Lynne Begin, 19
This offensive dynamo is already a great addition to the Ottawa Ice squad. This helpful and understanding young woman is currently in her first year of studying commerce at the University of Ottawa. On top of this, she also works part-time as a cashier. On a day off, Sarah-Lynne can be found hanging out with friends, going for runs, at the gym, and at home studying or sleeping. Her biggest goal is to be successful in the future whilst having her own business.

Sarah Gross, 21
Sarah is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet – and she also has a wicked sense of humour to go along. She is completing her fourth year at Queen’s Commerce Business School, specializing in accounting. Upon graduation she will be jumping straight into a full time job at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, an accounting firm. Sarah’s hobbies outside of ringette include hanging out with friends while at school, spending time with family when at home, going to the gym, studying, watching Vampire Diaries, shopping, napping, and playing with her dog. Her short terms goals include graduating & passing all her CPA assignments. Her long-term dream is to be a part of the C-Suite – to own her own business or become a partner of an accounting firm.

Brittany MacDonald, 20
Even though her rookie season is behind her, most Ottawa Ice athletes would agree that Britt is still considered one of the babies of the feral family. But do not make the mistake of associating her size to fragility. One of Brittany’s best qualities is that she’s competitive and tenacious. She is currently at Carleton University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Commerce with a concentration in International Business and Information Systems. If that weren’t enough, she’s also devoted to working as a web/database analyst for the Department of National Defence. On a day off, you can find her doing some sort of adventurous activity or simply hanging out with family and friends. Finally, Britt’s biggest dream is to be able to travel abroad after she completes her studies.

Katie Lugg, 29
Hands down, Katie’s best qualities are her passion and work ethic – on and off the ice. She completed her bachelor of commerce in 2008 at the University of Ottawa, and currently works as a sales operation analyst at Trend Micro. Kate is very active and also plays soccer & ball hockey during her spare time. She loves getting outside and exercising – whether it is an organized boot camp or a run on the canal. In general, she loves spending quiet nights with family and friends, or staying in and watching sports. Her current professional goals include advancing far into a management position at her company, as she loves finance. Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle between work and personal life is of utmost importance to Katie. She’d love to travel and see as much of the world as possible, and maybe live temporarily in another country.

Jennifer Hartley, 26
The Ottawa Ice is grateful every day for the addition of this ball of energy to the roster last season. Jenny is a confident and positive person, and she thinks these are her best qualities. These traits have allowed her to tackle and do so many things head on and with close to no hesitation (ie. Going into engineering, trying out for the national team at 17, moving to Finland alone for a year, moving to Ottawa, etc). Jennifer has a degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in biomedical from the University of Alberta, and is currently a construction coordinator at PCL Construction. She is always busy – she cooks, sews some wicked costumes, plays the trumpet, works out, bikes, bakes, watches documentaries, teaches herself how to write macro codes in Excel… The list truly never ends! She also especially enjoys grocery shopping, crafting, and nesting. No matter what it is she aspires to, Jenn gets the job done and dares to dream big.

Elsa Fougere, 24
Determination is her middle name, and she’s a rockstar on the defensive end of the ice. Elsa just recently graduated from her Master’s of Health Sciences in Occupational Therapy at the University of Ottawa in August. She is now working as an OT for Vitality Assessments Group. On a day off, Els can be found socializing and spending time with family and friends, watching one too many TV shows, working out or playing any type of game. Recently engaged, Elsa hopes to get married in the next 2-3 years, buying a house, and her goals include passing her occupational therapy licensing exam, as well as becoming well-rounded and established in her career.

Carrie Lugg, 27
It is hard to pinpoint Carrie’s best quality, as all of her strengths are of equal levels of awesomeness. She’s caring, hilarious & very involved in everything she does. Care currently works as a physiotherapist. She’s a busy bee, but on her days off she can be found playing ultimate Frisbee or watching TV. Her current goal is to be able to skate faster than Jennifer Hartley and Jayme Simzer.

Jenna Love, 24
She’s a passionate, competitive, and loving one. For the past 4.5 years, Jenna has worked in various roles for MD Physician Services, a Canadian Medical Association company. Presently, she is the Marketing Specialist for the CMA Marketing Membership team. She can be found working from home or at the office Monday-Friday, volunteering at the Boys and Girls club or hanging out with family & friends on the weekend. Her dream was to win the Canadian National Ringette Championship – and seeing as that was accomplished last season, that step in the right direction has been taken! Her current professional goals are to continue to grow her career and eventually move into a management position.

Sarah Brown, 20
Having undergone surgery on both her hips in the past 6 months, Sarah is a great role model for sacrifice and determination on the team. She is currently taking an honours BA with a specialization in Communication & a minor in advanced French as a second language at the University of Ottawa. On days off, Sarah can be found spending time with friends and family, coaching, playing soccer, swimming, or reading. Her biggest focus right now is making a full recovery from her surgeries to be 100% in every aspect of life.

Tori Goble, 25
Tori is better known as the ‘Polar Bear’ within the Ottawa Ice group, in part because she is so genuine and kind-hearted. She currently works as a loss prevention/security agent. Outside of ringette, she enjoys hiking, dog walks, reading, and learning how to play the guitar. On her days off, Tor can be found outside on nice days, inside reading a book or watching Netflix on rainy days… And the days when she has some extra cash, you’ll find her at Free World Tattoo on Preston Street here in Ottawa. At the moment she is in the application process with the Canadian Armed Forces, but she is also completing the ATS testing in November to finish her application for the Ottawa Police Service. This makes her biggest goal at the moment to start her new career as soon as possible.

Gillian Holder, 21
She’s busy and often on the go, but Gill is still one of the most trustworthy and loyal people you’ll ever meet. She is currently in her first year of studies in the Dental Hygiene program at Algonquin College. Gillian also works at Sportchek part-time. On days off, you can find her eating, sleeping, at school, working, coaching, or at the gym. Her biggest goal at the moment is to finish school with a good GPA and to balance everything she has going on.